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knitting update…

August 10, 2009

The Shawl… its going to be epic. Its going to take MONTHS if not YEARS to complete but it looks lovely and if I just keep plugging away I may just finish it one day.
Adamas shawl
This was an update of the shawl not long after I started it. I’ve lost the other pic somewhere on my macbook at home. Now its over 260 odd stitches and still just about half way through the repeats which also means I’ve only knit about 1/3 of the resulting shawl. Big numbers, small wool. Rod for my own back.

Socks (1)
These are the socks I’ve had an argument with. I’m sure you can see why. 3 colours, 6 balls of wool, two socks and the smallest knit picks needles. Which means trying to start a heel is not going to work until I part these socks and do them separately, or buy longer needles.

Socks (2)
are PINK and for my sister in-law. Another case of the photo being mysteriously missing. Ah well. They’re doing ok but because she’s 2 sizes smaller in the foot I’m scared to increase too much for the heels on these and they’ve sorta sat there in stasis until I can see her again. After only 6 rows of knitting. Meh. Lovely socks though but I do find it hard to make something without measurements at all. My fault next time I’m stealing the kids crayons and drawing around her foot.

baby blanket
started out like this:
baby blanket
and nobody believed that it would be square. Why is it pointy? is it going to be a hat?
It is meant to look like this:
cable cross baby blanket
and finally this when quilted:
baby blanket front
and from the back:
baby blanket back

So, yeah some knitting may fall by the wayside, wait years to be complete but some things are just perfect the way they are. They knit quick and have the inspiration and perpose to be almost completely perfect in a rustic kind of way. One of my friends commented on the front photo making some very salient points about practicality and how its classy enough to be for smart, or even blankie potential and she hit the nail on the head. Just what I intended, not flouncy for a boy, not too lacy but every bit as intricate and lovely as the baby boy that will be wrapped in it. Hoorah! Knitting triumph. Oh and its my own design so I’m tempted… just a little tempted to write it up and sell it. Still that is hard work and I’d have to have people asking for it first.



June 10, 2009

I love em… well the sleeping sort but the title refers to the knits in progress. *small ripple of applause in anticipation*

OK I need to add photos later I just found I’ve got NONE. oops. EDIT well I took some crappy photos but cant upload at work.


a simple set of two at a time on two circular needles toe up socks. except I’m using 3 colours the grumperina way. these are looking lovely but I’m scared I’m going to run out of yellow. I’m sure they will be fine. These have now been bagsied by my lovely sister in law. I’ve tried to give her lace and unless I can find just the right thing these socks will go well in the huge barn they live in. Cosy and comfy.

2, Baby Blanket

My work colleague and friend Lynsey is currently incubating a new life in herself and is doing well. I am amazed at how organized she is and how she’s got everyone to do something for her, including me which is where the baby blanket comes in. I asked what she would like and the answer came back: natural creams and browns and beige’s please. Oh and cables. Now I think baby blankies should be square. cables, on squares are fine except I’ve got 4 balls of wool and I’ve no idea if they are going to complete a square if I started knitting straight. Then I also HATE sewing knitting together. So, lets get complicated because where’s the fun if its too easy? I’ve started at the center and add two stitches each side of the square to form a triangle Then I inserted a cable right from the center so all 4 sides have a cable coming out from the middle. I’ve not seen anyone else do a blanket like this so hopefully I will be able to write it up as a pattern when I’ve completed it. Then I want to line the back with fleece and if I’m feeling ULTRA ambitious I’d love to pick out the entire cable pattern on the fleece like a quilt. hard work? yers… can I do it… maybe but it may take a fair bit of swearing. we’ll see if I can get the best part of it done before the sprog pops.

3, another bit of lace.

I’ve picked up the pattern for Adammas shawl another freebie! I’ve found out my oldest ball of lace and started knitting. I’ve almost ruined part of this ball but hopefully a good wash once knit up will save all the woes. The biggest challenge now is completing a whole shawl on 3.5mm needles. ACK! I loved doing the spiral shawl but by the end I was on size 6mm needles. EASY PEASY!

anyways these should keep me going for some time to come so hopefully pictures soon.


feelin groovy.

February 12, 2009

most things are going better now. I’m almost back to normal. Working hard and enjoying having lots to do at work.

I’ve done so many little things since or during my week off that I’m not sure I’m going to be able to put it all down here without drowning you in info.

I completed a pair of socks in a week. Crikey. They are the best thing ever and I even got to wear them on my birthday. I love the yarn that Bockstark sent me and they are wonderful socks. Flickr has photos, here’s a snippet: (click image for other photos)
mount sockage!

I cleaned the kitchen, damn it needed it. I took my time whilst I was off, it was worth it.

The sinusitis is nearly gone. I cant say its completely removed. The antibiotics seem to have just about worked. I’m feeling more normal now. I spent most of the week dizzy and slightly queasy from the sinus infection. Most of it has gone now and I don’t have half as much whistling in my ears.

Daddy came over on the Wednesday of last week which was lovely. We both cried our eyes out but it got a lot out in the open that we needed and I suddenly realised, mum would not want me to be so sad. No matter how much I miss her I need to get on and look forward. A hard lesson but now I truly feel it may have been learned.

Saw the family on Saturday. We went over to Dad’s house. I got some lovely pressies. A loaf tin from Dad. A book on quick and healthy veggie cooking from my brother. Then some BEAUTIFUL yarn from my sister from the aplaca farm in her village. Plus a wedding book completed by her husband M, who took the wedding photos. It nearly made me cry it was that lovely.

Sunday I woke up in a mood to cook. Not any ordinary cookery mood either. I nipped to the shops and stocked up on a few items to make sure I had what I needed. I started by making a veggie bolognese sauce with red wine for pies and pasta and kept some back for lunch with a puff pastry pie crust. The rest was stored for later in the week.

Then I got all the root veg out of the fridge and did quorn chicken pieces and root veg stew with cider YUM and cheshere cheesy herb dumplings. This was dinner later. The rest of this also got stored. Then veggie sausage rolls to use up the puff pastry…Once all that was done it got to about 2pm we had lunch and I went for a nap. I was exhausted.

When I got up the urge to cook was still with me. I then made deep chocolate Victoria sponge with cream filling and large chocolate buttons on top. If that was not enough I then also made some lemon ginger and coconut cupcakes. Oh and Scotty made a loaf of bread. Really food for the rest of the week and cakes for me to take in to work.

 belated birthday lemon ginger coconut cupcakes

Monday, I took ALL the cakes in to work and they didn’t even last until lunch time. It was like gannets at my desk. I was very very proud of myself for home baking all the cakes and got so many great compliments. I did save a little back for Scotty but I’m just going to have to bake another one soon. Its his birthday too soon.


knitterly natter.

January 29, 2009

I hear you say “its about time” and I warn you its picture heavy

well I’m so lax with this I’ve got no idea where to start. Firstly I thought I’d better at least mention I bought myself these new books: fitted knits and gathering of lace for Christmas. The 2nd of my books is being used in #3. My challenge if I do choose to accept it is to follow more book patterns this year because I have a great and stunning library of items now. So on with the current projects.

1, do I felt it or do I not?
chunky hat

Its a hat, straight from carded fiber, I drafted the fiber as I went along but added almost no spin so it may just fall apart at any given moment. Also its just a tad too small for my huge bonce. I want to felt it but meh… we’ll see.

2, new socks with new hand spun yarn. I bought some yarn from bockstark knits
socks! made from this gorgeous yarn:

I love it, its pretty and as I started this on Sunday its going very quickly indeed. I’m already up to the heel turns on both socks. They are turning out very beautiful indeed.

3, progress on a pattern I am following for once:

From a gathering of lace. It is also beautiful but I had to double up some lace weight in cinnamon to get a texture and weight I was happy with. This meant the 800 yards ball is now only 400 yards. Its alpaca which I just happened to have some slightly heavier alpaca in a natural grey. I will be transferring over to the new colour in stages and hopefully it will blend well.

4, FO FO FO FO FO! *sung to a tune*

OH  MY  GOD.. its beautiful, and I packaged it nicely and I cant wait for Eve to get it.

I do want to publish more pictures but she’s not got it yet. Click the above image to see the pictures of the item I made from ball to complete and packaged. Please, its worth it. I love it and I hope Eve does too.

5, and finally a photo of my dad in his Christmas scarf. Taken at lunch time today. We went out for tapas which was lovely.

He’s probably going to hate me for putting it up but I still think he’s super handsome.

AAAAAAAnd, all that means I’m quite a bit happier and off to knitting night tonight and picking up a friend on the way. woo! good things.


bank holidays make for productive knitting

May 26, 2008

This scarf is coming along nicely although slowly on 3mm needles. So far I’ve not spotted a single mistake. I’m very proud of that.

These socks are now off the needles and waiting for me to weave in the ends.

and I’ve started a shawl in Colinette Tao. I now have 6 hanks of 50g a total of over 700yards. Plus its nearly DK in size on 5mm needles will make a HUGE and cuddly lace shawl. I’m working on a make it up as I go along. When do I ever do anything else. The basic start is filched from Victorian Lace today Spider shawl.

I’ve shopped and cleaned a little, made more bread and generally relaxed. Scotty and I went for another walk around whitlingham lane and tried to find some of the more out of the way bits that are less known.

Oh and our cats are most fun. Still very playful although having a dire bout of the farts. They mew so cutely and beckon you close then let a silent deadly one rip. I defy you to find a more offensive bodily odour.

Otis has been on hand, or paw supplying tissue.

And Jasper has been attempting to fit in to a small paper bag. he’s not that small, now nicknamed STURDY because of his girth.

such darlings!


knitterati glitterati and party!

March 25, 2008

so squeeze me, I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to over the weekend but I feel relaxed and happy with progress.

I wanted to do my wedding flowers but felting means water and when its snowing outside I refuse to get all cold and wet inside too. I will get them done, just not now. I’m not in the right frame of mind to make beautiful flowers.

Saturday was spent indoors, knitting, getting the two tons of washing done, including any messy sheets etc that we had not got around to cleaning. It felt like we were catching up and spending time with our two cats whom still have some toilet issues. Not too bad right now but they will need medication to clear it all up.

Sunday I took a trip out to my brothers house to see the family. Mum and Dad have agreed to look in to catering for my wedding. This takes a whole load of pressure off me and I’m deeply greatful for their help. It was nice seeing all the kids playing with the snow and having an easter egg hunt.

Yesterday Scotty and I nipped out to John Lewis to spend those dreaded vouchers that I failed to spend last time. It was worth it. We’ve now got a summer quilt to go on the bed which will be lovely because we had to make do with sheets and blankets when it was just to hot for 13.5 togs…

I also finished my new socks: posh yarn merino cashmere mix.

I lurve them. I know where the tight bits are and I know what to do next time to improve on the shape. It will take some piddling about to sort it all out and get it written up but as these were a first try for a new design I may just wait to publish, hold back until I’ve knit another pair. I must have ripped out both heels 4 times each heel. I even seperated the socks on to their own needles so I could knit and test and frog and knit and test again. All worth while in the end. I quite like having heels on my socks that completely fit the curve of the heel, although I still need to move those gusset increases. They are too low on the foot and may wear through.


and relax for a break…

March 21, 2008

I had Thursday afternoon off work as toil. I’ve built up 18 hours of overtime in just under a week. All last Wednesday and last weekend. I booked both our boys in to the vets because Otis started to look ill and was sneezing and not going to the loo as well as he was. I took samples (poo) and they had blood tests. The vets called me back when the blood tests were done and confimed they both have a parasite infection that is not yet identified, and Jasper has an allergic reaction to something. Probably food but its going to be a while until we can identify that. Thankfully the cats protection league where we got our cats from over a month ago paid this vets bill. It was very kind of them to assist, and I did feel like that they might be slightly responsible as Erasmus never had a parasite.

I’m glad we’ve got some time at home with them. As they are both feeling rough now and Jasper is still no better, we’ve had a few little “accidents” to deal with like 6am on Thursday morning… on the bed sheets. urgh.

So anyway at least we are getting close to getting it all sorted out and we have a good chance at getting them both better. Today I have fully cleaned down by their litter trays. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed the floor and walls and trays and the bathroom where we flush the litter. They have managed to make splatter marks up to waist hight.. I’m impressed, and I also have to re-paint at some point because washing the doors and skirting were fine but the matte paint on the walls has been completely eaten into. Now I believe after this week I could handle kids. Cant be any more messy than this can it?;)

IF we can brace the harsh weather tomorrow we may head in to town shopping. I’ve managed to turn the heels that were bugging me and I’ve stumbled on a hole free curved pocket heel that looks just yummy and sucks on to your heel in perfect curvature. Now if only I can get around to writing it down.

Sunday I hope we can head out to my brothers house for a proper Easter family get together. I cant wait.


I finally finished

March 20, 2008

the green quivers socks. Except I washed and blocked them and wrapped them and forgot to take photos.

Then I’ve also forgotten to bring a camera to work to take photos of the owner wearing them. Damn. You’ll just have to believe me that they are green and socky.


when you stop

March 15, 2008

how do you start writing again.

Erasmus came home he’s beautiful. His box is currently in the window where he liked sitting. We’re going to scatter him some day soon.

I worked hard lots and covered Wednesday night for a budget event. All went well there.

I was waiting until this weekend to make an update because we were having a outage in my office which I have to cover. So far it has been the worst situation I have ever had to deal with. Thats not saying much really, I’ve had it very easy in my time. This time I’m still at work at 8.30 on a Saturday night waiting for phone calls. I didn’t sleep well last night because I knew I had to be up and at work by 7.30 am. I’m exhausted and struggling to see any good in anything right now.

The all important Jasper poo update now, skip to the next para this if you don’t want to see it. He’s still runny.. Although happier and more bouncy and jumpy than before. He’s taking the meds well but he was caught short on the bed this morning and left some prints behind him. Then some on the carpet…

Otis does not change. He’s a bundle of joy or terror. One or the other and no inbetween, got to love him.

My socks for me are at heel turn. I’ve gone a little crasy and moved the heel increases from the sides of the foot to the base. Now I’m a litte stuck as to how to go forward.

HOPEFULLY all going well tonight. (tries to hide sinicism but fails) We hope to go and see mum and dad tomorrow and help them with some lifting.

phew home now at 9pm….


now lets try and focus on the positive

February 4, 2008

hell I need to.

Green quiver socks : I made a mistake which was half the sock length down when I got it to nearly 4 inches. I ripped out, re-wound the ball and started again. Then made the sock two stitches bigger in the round because it would then fit better. It was a tad on the tight side.  Anyway I managed to complete all that distance again on the socks over the weekend. They are past the point of rip back so I class that as an achievement. They are also slightly changed at the front, I’ll show you the pattern when I take some more photos.

We went shopping yesterday. It was mainly to get me a small birthday present. I came out with two gorgeous knitting books. They are lace style and Knitting Lingerie Style. I love them both. The only issue is whilst Scotty picked up my books to pay for them he left his own book in the shop. DOH. Paid for at waterstones in a waterstones bag, then left in borders.

So to cheer us both up we lounged on the sofas all Sunday afternoon watching the complete first series of spaced back to back. Classic good times.