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if not already melted

June 12, 2008

in a pile of snot, I am now melted in a pile of awwww cute.

good enough to cheer any soul, cute overload featured Lion cub cam. Be warned it is SO CUTE it could burn your fingers.

In other news the service went fine on the car. I managed to get home before the council had left our close, some of our neighbours have been making it known that we struggle for parking in our “new” close. Bad planning and people using our parking from sprowston road have caused all sorts of hell for picking up rubbish and recycling. Plus then the builders on top and most houses having 2 or MORE cars. I had a great chat with them and they were very understanding saying that as this close was commissioned by the council and it is their fault they did not plan for access better or stop plans going ahead because of access they will hopefully be able to add double yellows to small sections of the close so that I can park my car in my garage and still get in and out without being blocked on a regular basis. They would not normally allow for a sub area like this to be painted all over but as its their fault I often have issue parking even in my own garage they will hopefully sort it all out. Shame its going to take until at least spring time next year to sort out. Still I am amazed at the work put in by neighbours to get the council on site to assist and talk with us about the situation. I must admit I’m very impressed with our street neighbours, they have all been very nice and if any have blocked me in, they have always moved when ever I have needed them to. Then our next door neighbour had cut back a bush that was causing me hay fever hell because I’d been nice about them blocking me several times. I really like living there and feel safe with the neighbours we have.

Once I did get in the front door I collapsed, Slept the whole evening except when Scotty brought me dinner in bed. What a wonderful man. He made a Delicious hot curry, filled with perfectly cooked veg. I am very glad I’m marrying this man. He so knows how to look after me when I’m ill.


missing someone you used to care about?

March 19, 2008

I had a few strange dreams last night. Nothing scary or anything but it reminded me of an old friend I’ve not been in contact with for many years.

First thing I did this morning after my shower was nip on to the web and check out how he was. The last I heard he had bladder cancer and I was all of a sudden worried, and wanted to know that he was OK.

Now this gentleman was someone very special to me. A guide, a support and someone whom I would trust with my secrets. Like a very close uncle and friend. I’m gutted I lost contact and I will now at some point soon re-make contact with him. It does however add a strange light on my past and future if I do make contact.

The thing is he’s a hare Krishna devotee and someone who has dedicated his life to Krishna consciousness, which is not a bad thing. I’ve said before that I do appreciate all that they do as a group and I do believe in their theory of what is good for you and for life. Thing is as time has gone by I have definitely put myself at a distance from the temple and devotees due to some not so favourable situations I ended up being part of. Mostly due to my ex… These things don’t really need to be gotten in to, best just to say that I found that the very strict path of a devotee was not something I felt I could attain and keep sane and happy.

It was mainly due to the fact that I measured myself so strictly it became something that would hinder rather than help my development. Still I feel like I may have lost something by loosing that contact. Although with associations like ISKCON you have to be able to give and take and accept all of the good and bad within an organisation I was one who would rather not join than fail. Maybe that was naive and maybe I’ve lost my chance at perfection this life, unless you understand fully what you are getting in to it is wise not to take that step. Plus full understanding is sometimes also the downfall, knowing what you have to achieve can be a mountain too far.

My parents were suitably worried that I spent so much time with what looked like a cult in my early 20’s. Although after meeting devotees and understanding what the whole thing was about they were happy that I had something in my life that explained things and made me comfortable with why I’m here. I’d never ever push any religion or way of life on anyone and I’m mighty glad nobody did the same to me. Now though, I’m much further away from being a devotee than I ever was, I still have some of their philosophies at heart. I may have taken on the things that suit me and dropped the things that don’t, I fully admit that I enjoyed my time with the devotees and still would like them to be my friends. Religion as a whole is such a sore subject for many people to broach because it points out some of the finer items of your beliefs and mind structure that others could pick at. This is why sometimes I have left the subject and decided to be more frivolous and just deal with the day to day items.

Luckily Kripamoya is alive and well and still teaching Krishna Consciousness to many. I still find him an inspiration and I love the way he writes and talks about his way of being and his devotion and how it fits in to this very commercial and highly technological 21st century. So please, if you want to see what I would call at true devotee, someone who cares about his soul and the souls of others, visit his blog and see what its about. I love the way he has dealt with what life has thrown at him. If I can be even a smidgen as understanding as he is of the trials of life I will stand a chance of coping with what ever comes my way.


I wanted to…

March 10, 2008

honest. I wanted to take some photos of yarn and knitting. I wanted to take some more photos of Otis and Jasper. I wanted to make my invites, I wanted to make my flowers. I wanted to tidy the garden. I wanted to relax.

guess which one singular of these items I achieved this weekend? probably just the most important one which was relax.

I took Jasper to the vets. He had a worming tablet, a full 1 week course of antibiotics and with that he also gets some gooey paste with all the flora and fauna a cat needs for good digestion. This was hopefully going to stop the “runny bum” issue we are having. As of this morning even though he’s only had sensitive biscuits to eat, he’s still making quite a mess. At some point soon I’m going to have to bleach the skerting boards. Its not nice, its actually at the stage where I need to dab his bum after he’s been for a poo because he dribbles a little. I’m so not enjoying it.

Anway on to nicer things. My brother came over on Saturday afternoon with the twins. It was lovely to see them although Tommy was rife with a temperature and feeling woozy. It was fun having them round. The twins were great with our cats and our cats were great with the twins. Although by the end of the evening Izzy was scared and Tommy had been accidentally scratched when Otis took a fast run round the house and Tommy was in his flight path. I started to get a headache like no other Saturday night which would probably would have been deal-able with if I had any pain killers in the house. I woke up again on Sunday with the same throbbing head, all sinus same as usual. Why I decided to do a full months worth of shopping in Tescos with that headache will be always beyond my reasoning but I did. Then collapsed on the sofa all day and knitted. (I will leave a proper knitting update for another day)

I ordered some knit picks needles, which I found the knit picks web site does not ship to the UK. I found a re-seller courtesy of a lovely online knitterly friend Indie knits pointed me at the right place Get knitted. This seems to be the only place I can find high quality metal circular needles with no inox or pony type bounce back cable and bend in the needles that drives me crazy. Now I do love addi lace needles. Very sharp and nice flexible cable. The only issue is they only do 2.5mm size. I wanted ALL sizes, I’ve ordered 2.0mm 2.25mm and 2.75mm and two of each which came to a grand total of…. £20.65 which is great considering all my addi turbos were £6.95 each from my LYS. YEEP! Although it does feel good to keep my very nice LYS in service!

Finally I may have to take a brief hiatus at some point. Things will be hectic this week and I’d rather spend my spare time relaxing than telling you all about it. Plus to be honest without making time for knitting content I’m a bit fed up with moaning about my ever annoying sinuses and cat poo. Let me know what you think, do you want a daily cat poo update?

nah… thought not.

Oh and I called the crematorium, it appears they’ve been trying to call me in the day time at home… HAH I wish. Anyway Erasmus is coming home tonight. Bill paid and all in powder form. Its a shame I cant just add water and re-constitute our old cat. He was the bestest.


Got to love family sundays

February 26, 2008

This post should have been written on Sunday evening. Now I can hardly remember half of what went on. Plus FAR FAR too much has happened since.

SO anyway Sunday we went off to my parents up on the coast. We had a lovely day. Took the kids all down to the sea front to play on the two pence machines with all the spare change we’d gathered from the house. I think it was over £10 but its not missed because it was all gathered change and everyone enjoyed themselves, still cheaper than buying everyone icecreams. Lunch was delicious and mum cooked up a storm for everyone. The entire clan turned up so there were 15 round the table. Thing is, this is probably the last time we do that for a while because mum has to go back to chemotherapy tomorrow. boo!

I also got back home on Sunday night in time to purchase some yarn from posh yarn. I LOVE her stuff. It is quite fabulous and I can recommend it to any knitter. She mainly does sales on Sunday nights, so get in now if there is anything left because there wont be an update next week.

Saturday I nipped to the shops and bought Gran a hyacinth. She loved it. I also found some “worlds best cat litter” which is bio degradable and flush-able! wow, it really works. I’m just trying to get our boys used to it. They are settling down well now and I think they are happy here in their new home.

Monday I got up early because I remembered I had to go to cover the Cambridge office whilst my colleague took a well earned day off for his birthday. This was something I don’t mind doing but there were quite a few issues.

1, it took me 2 hours to get there. 2, I did a LOT of work 3, by the end of the day I was exhausted and tired because I woke up far too early for me plus all the driving hurt my back and shoulders.

Because of those points I drove my little Honda jazz directly to the Honda dealers when I got back to Norwich and asked what they could do for me. I looked at a few cars, fobbed them off for a bit and asked for them to find me a better price. After going home and checking with Scotty, today I have been called back with a more suitable figure and I’ve paid a deposit on a new car. All a bit fast for me but I’d rather be comfortable with a new car than struggle with that trip to Cambridge again. I’m very very excited because now we will be getting a proper sporty Honda Civic. Not the top of the range but just enough that we can afford it. Driving comfort here we come!

So yeah, lots happening and no knitting, boo! Its not that I don’t want to, its time to do it, clean, tidy, cook, eat, look after the cats, sleep and work, organisation and bills are all getting in the way. Hopefully this weekend I can knuckle down to it and finish off a few things.

Looks like its all a bit expensive. It is, what with payments towards the wedding, the car, not having paid the vet yet for Erasmus and then yarn on top. I think I’m going to have to cut up all my plastic as soon as I get all my bills up to date 🙂 good thing I’ve got savings, although they wont last for ever its nice to spend sometimes. At least I feel like all of these things are going to make life better in the long run.


sneaky stash

January 2, 2008

one thing I neglected to mention was the visit to the yarn store with my Christmas money. I spent £85 on yarn. It was like heaven. I bought:

Araucania Ranco Solid in green. Its a very full green and the same as my red, big and smooshy.

Norfolk Yarn started stocking colinette jitterbug. I’ve seen it all over the web but never actually felt it. I fell in love from first sight and bought two hanks of the stuff. One in a wonderful deep navy blue with light shading and another green, this one more muddy and on the yellower and mossier side. Both are fondled regularly.

Finally my big spend was 4 hanks of pure silk. I’ve not got the details with me now but at £13.40 per skein of 50g it was a HUGE spend on some very luxurious yarn. I’m saving this for myself. I think I may save them all for myself but first I have to take photos of it all and get it in my ravelry stash. I’m tempted to keep it off ravelry until I get it ready to knit. Denying that my stash has now grown so big it does not fit in the two boxes under my bed.

I did order some other yarn from a sale online from prior to Christmas but as yet I am still waiting. Even though it arrived in the UK on 13th December I’m sadly bereft of the yarn and hoping that one day it will reach me.

Now on to new year.

On short notice my brother called and we all headed over to his house for the evening. I’d driven to Cambridge on Monday morning for work and came back around lunch time. I completed work around 4pm, then got myself together, packed the wii and the wellies and the camera and went to his. All my family were there and we had a wonderful evening of playing with the bowling and other games. Everyone took part which kind of made the evening.

Mum and Dad left shortly after midnight and Scotty and I disappeared in to the back garden to play with his new torch and the camera. Light fun was not as successful as we hoped but it was fun.

We camped on the dining room floor which was ok until I realised my wonderful and lovely posh air bed had a slow release hole. By 4am ish I was sleeping on the hard floor, by 5am I was on the sofa drifting back off in to dream land. My sister and her kids stayed over too so once the twins were up at 8am the entire house rose and we all had breakfast together and let the kids play some more on the wii. I loved it, although tired it was great.

New years day was spent on the sofa knitting again, trying not to sleep so I could get a good nights sleep for work. The cable heart cascade socks are coming on great and I am so very very happy with the inspired idea of breaking the flowing pattern and twisting it around the back of the leg.

The only issue is I will have great trouble in producing this pattern for others to use, I want to do it but because of the pattern transfer I had to move to double pointed needles whilst the pattern traveled behind the leg.

Over all a very happy Christmas and new year has been had. I have sooo many things I need to achieve this year I think listing them would probably make me want to scream. What with the wedding, making felted flowers, knitting and pattern writing which I’ve not even started on yet… EEP Although being ready to start it all is a nice feeling.

Hope you all have as much to look forward to this year as I do.


sockmathics on the brain again

December 28, 2007

now with less added maths.

I’m trying to figure out a way to produce a sock pattern for all knitters toe up, for all sizes and all gauges of thread. I’m getting there and just explaining myself clearly is the issue.

As you can see from this image:

I have managed to get some of it down on paper, I think now is the time to get it all arranged in a more understandable way.

Toe UP all in one sock pattern PART 1:

I use the single cast on method from All extra instructions linked are for English knitting, Continental knitting style videos are also listed at knitting help.

cast on enough stitches that when stretched they match the distance between the big toe and little toe.

Firstly knit through back of loop on first stitch Knit back across these stitches and finally knit through back of loop on last stitch. Then turn upside down and pickup the same number of stitches from the cast on side. I found this a little difficult to start with. I also tend to pick up the last loop of the first stitch to make up complete numbers, sometimes the cast on has one loop less. The stitches will be tight to start with and this is the start of knitting in the round. I find using two circular needles gives me space to move the stitches back on to the wire and pick up with the separate needle. I complete one more row on these new picked up stitches with the same technique as the first half row k1tbl, knit until last stitch K1tbl.

Please let me know if I can make this any clearer. I think that covers the setup of the sock, slightly different to any other toe up cast on I’ve heard of.

From this point start the 2nd round k1tbl m1 left knit to last stitch m1 right, ktbl for last stitch. Do this for both sides of the sock. 3rd round knit all apart from the start and end stitches for each side of the sock which are both ktbl. That makes an increase of 4 stitches every other round.

repeat rows 2 and 3 until sock is desired width to fit over toes. I have found it difficult to gauge this stage, using the paper above in the image I measured across the top of the foot at the root of the toes to get width. Stretch your knitting to measure against the paper and this has helped me get the correct width of foot for the sock recipient. This works for both socks at the same time on two circular needles, making it REALLY easy to know when to change stitch, increase and follow the same pattern for both at the same time.

Then it is up to you the knitter to choose up side and down side. From here knit in the round with pattern on top and plain on bottom until sock reaches center of the arch of the foot.

Part 2 coming soon.


woO! merry christmas

December 25, 2007

I’ve been sooo lazy but also soooo busy. I’ve knitted like its been a life long need that could not get out of my system. I’ve taken photos of my achievements and some are now wrapped and ready to be gifted having been washed and blocked.

Friday I still felt a little rough but went to the works Christmas party. It was reasonable fun, nice to see everyone happy.

Today our friends M&S (better that way round than the other) popped over, we had lunch, lounged around and did the age old playing of a board game. My 90’s addition of Trivial Pursuit questions are very odd and lead to a long game in which we all shrugged lots.

Just before I show off the knits, I just want to say WOOHOOO ITS CHRISTMAS!! YAY! BOING BOING!

can you tell I’m still 10 inside?

The scarf is from VLT

I lurve it, the posh yarn I used was to die for, it made the knit quick and enjoyable. The pattern is a rose leaf center pattern from Victorian Lace Today book, with a moss stitch border. I knitted until there was almost no yarn left at all. A perfect gift knit.

the newest socks are my own design

This photo does not do these justice. The yarn is thick and smooshy and an rich blood red. Only 52 stitches in the round for the sock, so even though the cables slow me down the rows are shorter than normal. I found an online stitch pattern maker in java. Warning this broke my fire fox on my mac, but works fine in safari. I planned out the cascading cabled hearts and copied off as a jpg. I will make this available at some point soon.

the scarf is “my so called scarf”

This alpaca merino mix is super fat and looks great as an almost camouflage grey scale mind bender. I’m loving these results too. These items are all on Ravelry and of course in my Flickr knitting set.

All the photos for the socks to give to my sister tomorrow are in storage ready to come out.

I wish all of you the best of Christmases, and lots of love.


serious.. no really its serious time

September 19, 2007

if you’re not going AAARRRHH! today you need a good dry slap. It is international talk like a pirate day. I forgot first thing so I apologise for not being dressed appropriately in my busty wench top and corset.

Now I have a slight inkling that Scotty is starting to take this new job seriously, not that he does not anyway. He loves his work and having been there two weeks he appears to be getting on very well. Until it rained yesterday morning, and he’d not fitted his mudguards to his bike. So he spent most of the day with a wet arse. I know we’ll be fitting those mud guards this weekend.

The serious bit comes when he walks in with a full drivers licence form and a full set of photos from the booth at the post office. Colour me shocked and with a cake hole bigger than cheddar gorge. This man I have been trying to tempt with learning to drive for 5 years has gone and started the process all by himself. Admittedly he’s not had reason to before and I can understand him not wanting to drive, and this is why my pushing has been the most minimal possible for a bossy mc boots like me. I did get all the forms filled in for him before and all he had to do was get photos and sign, we lost them moving house. Plus they would have been out of date. Anyway now he’s taking it seriously and I fully support him. It is one thing I think he needs in his skills set that he does not have. In fact it will make him nigh on perfect, well you know, as perfect as a MAN can get. (sorry felt like digging a little there) Yeah I’m scared of getting in a car with him now, but after a few lessons I’ll be happier to let him have the keys and chauffeur me around for once. I for one cannot wait to not be designated driver! Also I can then prove that parking in our garage with the builders bricks and JCB millimetres from our drive is a technically hard task. They still have one house to complete on our lot, and although I don’t mind the JCB starting at 7.30am on week days directly below my bedroom window. Now having 5×5 stacked pallets of breeze blocks outside the front of the house is making parking quite entertaining.


I promised you cat in pants

August 31, 2007

so you get cat in pants:

Happy furry Friday!

I’m loads better than yesterday. I have emotional down days like that where its just hard work to be positive. Today is much better. I’ve got a half day working and hopefully we’re off shopping this afternoon to get Scotty some shirts for work. Then this evening we have a couple of old friends popping over, which is nice. /fast show

Best thing I’ve seen on the Internet so far today is: SOCK WARS  So of course I MUST talk about it. I want to take part but the fact of parting with a half knitted object would be painful for me. Very very tempting though even if I have never finished a pair of socks.

oohh that reminds me I must call mum and dad and see how their new house is. soo much to do! 🙂