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You too can have an Erasmus.

September 30, 2008

Although Erasmus passed away in January and since then we scattered his ashes, his image has been used around the web and he has become more famous than he ever was. I am very happy to announce that he is now available to everyone who has an iphone.

Firstly there was stuff on my cat… blogged here

Then whilst we were on honeymoon he made it to Icanhascheeseburger

Then finally I was contacted by PKMousie on Flickr. They asked to use a picture of Erasmus for a new application called ipurr (this links directly to the itunes app and will ask you to launch itunes). I accepted because they asked so nicely and I have since re-hacked my iphone with the newest version of firmware, installed ipurr and its wonderful. I have Erasmus back and purring at me. Well not exactly but it is the very next best thing and because I know he had so very many online fans some of you can have him too.

YAY! All hail Erasmus, bestest of cats. (he’s cat number 4 of 6 on the app)


Erasmus makes it to stuff on my cat…

July 30, 2008

He can be seen here in full pantage. I knew one day he would make it famous. Just a shame I could not show it to him. Not that he would have understood.

Problem is, I did some time back send that photo to stuff on my cat, and it never got published. At least I had chance to comment on the bottom of the thread to show that he was happy, and that I was wearing something.


what I should have written yesterday

May 6, 2008

Its been a great weekend. Scotty and I had Friday as holiday and due to my hay fever being rather prevalent we stayed in and watched a whole heap of old films on the TV and I knitted. The films included back to the future 3 and Bill & Teds excelent adventure. I realised both films were produced around 20 years ago, making me 8 years old at the time. That really made me feel old and rather like I was taking a day to step back a few years. Time was spent playing with the cats and all that sort of stuff like washing and cleaning. Sometimes especially when I have hay fever its just nice not to leave the house and to hide indoors.

Saturday I did my hair in curls, it was a lot easier than I expected but dropped out in to waves quite quickly. I had nothing to hold the style in my hair. This was all in aid of a hen doo for a work friend. She had a great time and I enjoyed seeing work Friends outside of work for a drink. They all moved on to “sheecargoos” and I got a cab home from the train station. I don’t enjoy heavy drinking and I also don’t enjoy clubbing in Norwich. I think I escaped well as I was informed it was the same as usual, meaning a bit grim. The bbq at the Eagle Pub was great though.

Sunday was fabulous weather. We went over to my sisters house for my nephew and brother in laws birthdays. It was great to see all the family and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We played in the garden and I helped my sister cook a little when I was fed up of itching and wanted to get inside rather than outside.

Now bank holidays are some of my favourite times. Amazingly it was very very hot yesterday, Scotty and I popped in to tescos and got a cheap printer. £40 for a canon, and its top quality. It was cheaper to buy that and print cards than to have them done by someone else. After shopping we took a small picnic to Mouse hold hill and sat out in the sun. We scattered Erasmus up on the hill so he could chase the birds and enjoy the view. I’m still missing him. I thought of his long low meows and how special he was. I must admit though when we got home I got a hug off each of our new kitties and it was like they knew he was gone and the both gave really good hugs, something it takes time to learn.

I’ve printed out a stack of invites and a stack of RSVP cards. Amazingly I’ve forgotten to place on a RSVP date on the invite card but it is on the RSVP cards. Address is on the invite cards but not the RSVP cards. I’m confused but it looks REALLY nice.

I’ve managed to knit all the way past the heel on a pair of socks without taking any photos. yes yes, bad blogger, etc. One day I will catch up. Its not likely to be any time soon.


I wanted to…

March 10, 2008

honest. I wanted to take some photos of yarn and knitting. I wanted to take some more photos of Otis and Jasper. I wanted to make my invites, I wanted to make my flowers. I wanted to tidy the garden. I wanted to relax.

guess which one singular of these items I achieved this weekend? probably just the most important one which was relax.

I took Jasper to the vets. He had a worming tablet, a full 1 week course of antibiotics and with that he also gets some gooey paste with all the flora and fauna a cat needs for good digestion. This was hopefully going to stop the “runny bum” issue we are having. As of this morning even though he’s only had sensitive biscuits to eat, he’s still making quite a mess. At some point soon I’m going to have to bleach the skerting boards. Its not nice, its actually at the stage where I need to dab his bum after he’s been for a poo because he dribbles a little. I’m so not enjoying it.

Anway on to nicer things. My brother came over on Saturday afternoon with the twins. It was lovely to see them although Tommy was rife with a temperature and feeling woozy. It was fun having them round. The twins were great with our cats and our cats were great with the twins. Although by the end of the evening Izzy was scared and Tommy had been accidentally scratched when Otis took a fast run round the house and Tommy was in his flight path. I started to get a headache like no other Saturday night which would probably would have been deal-able with if I had any pain killers in the house. I woke up again on Sunday with the same throbbing head, all sinus same as usual. Why I decided to do a full months worth of shopping in Tescos with that headache will be always beyond my reasoning but I did. Then collapsed on the sofa all day and knitted. (I will leave a proper knitting update for another day)

I ordered some knit picks needles, which I found the knit picks web site does not ship to the UK. I found a re-seller courtesy of a lovely online knitterly friend Indie knits pointed me at the right place Get knitted. This seems to be the only place I can find high quality metal circular needles with no inox or pony type bounce back cable and bend in the needles that drives me crazy. Now I do love addi lace needles. Very sharp and nice flexible cable. The only issue is they only do 2.5mm size. I wanted ALL sizes, I’ve ordered 2.0mm 2.25mm and 2.75mm and two of each which came to a grand total of…. £20.65 which is great considering all my addi turbos were £6.95 each from my LYS. YEEP! Although it does feel good to keep my very nice LYS in service!

Finally I may have to take a brief hiatus at some point. Things will be hectic this week and I’d rather spend my spare time relaxing than telling you all about it. Plus to be honest without making time for knitting content I’m a bit fed up with moaning about my ever annoying sinuses and cat poo. Let me know what you think, do you want a daily cat poo update?

nah… thought not.

Oh and I called the crematorium, it appears they’ve been trying to call me in the day time at home… HAH I wish. Anyway Erasmus is coming home tonight. Bill paid and all in powder form. Its a shame I cant just add water and re-constitute our old cat. He was the bestest.


I phoned up the vets

February 12, 2008

yesterday to see why they had not contacted me about the bill for Erasmus’s cremation. They said they still had him, waiting for me to call. That put a little lump in my throat. Poor fella, having his body wait around for me to get my act together. Anyway I ordered the individual cremation so that we can have him back and scatter his ashes somewhere he would have loved to go. Somewhere grassy but protected from the wind. Somewhere his very loud and long meows will be heard by those who would stop a moment to rest.

Anyway before all that has me in tears because he is still thoroughly missed, I got home last night to another poo fiasco. This time both of our lovely new boys managed to figure out where the litter tray was and pooped two feet away from it on the edge of the door mat. The coir mat, as I just looked up what type it is, is recessed in to our laminated floor. It lifts but they managed to poo half on the mat and half on the laminate. I did try to move the mess but then found out that it was still fresh and far too squidgy to move. *queue minor retching from smell*

I disappeared up stairs and left Scotty to deal with it when he got in. Then I watched Otis down a full pouch of cat food and half a filet of smoked mackerel. Jasper is a lot more restrained in his food and only eats dry biscuits. He also likes the mackerel so its a nice treat for them as it was the first full day we had left them home alone. Otis is the sporty one and very very quick at hunting. He has been let out before so holding him indoors is a little more of a struggle although he’s coping fine right now. I’m mighty tempted to cat proof our back garden and put in a cat flap just for them. I’ll look in to it. Jasper this morning was super-cute by playing with my tap water as I was brushing my teeth. We are definitely getting to know them better now and they are trusting us more. It also makes me walk home faster which can only be a good thing.


going deep and soul searching

February 1, 2008

its all fine. We’re still both working and we are coping with it all. I keep doing things like giving a dog tied to a lamp post 3 minutes of my undivided attention just so I have something to scritch and stroke. It might seem a bit strange to passers by but really what does that matter, it eases my heart.

I’ve been talking about friends cats as much as possible so I get to be near one by proxy. I’ve got a feeling we ain’t going to last long without a furry friend. Erasmus was always tolerant of visitors of any species, not that we had many. When he did meet other cats it was never him doing the hissing. There is also no way on earth that we are getting rid of all of our cat stuff. There is tons of it but I am sure we will house another cat or maybe two again in the not too distant future. Its just whether we can wait until after we are married so that we don’t have to worry about things like catteries for the duration of our honeymoon.

Seriously though next on the plans is getting the wedding sorted out. WE meaning me and him need a deep long and meaningful about it all. We both need to know what the other is doing, completing a time line and getting myself organized to a point that I wont be worrying about getting stuff done because its not the time and place to be doing it.

One thing I must do is thank everyone for their support. Between here, facebook and flickr we’ve had more heart felt words than one could fit in our hearts. The love is almost palpable via the screen and we do thoroughly appreciate your support. I’m just touched at how many lives a fluff ball can entangle, I do know every single person who met him loved him not for his catness, but for his instant acceptance of them. I think I’ll never know any animal or being quite like him ever again but I am very proud to have been someone special his life.

Thing is, I’ve hardly cried, yes the odd out burst on my own but I’ve held it together for those who think, ah well it was just a cat. I’m a philosophical one most of the time. My mum knows this because when I was 6 my grandfather died and I told her whilst she was grieving that he’s gone to a better place. He’s not in pain any more and its what HE needed. The same goes here, I have that feeling deep inside that his soul has departed. Its not suffering. Nobody knows how or where these things go but we all have a shelf life and all move on eventually. Maybe believing in Karma and re-incarnation helps but still I don’t want to know where or why I just have a heart felt deep understanding that is allowing me to release him and let him go.

The name of this blog has changed a little. I’m no longer the Erasmamum. Understandable as he’s not here no more. Instead I’m a soul in transit just like everyone else is and just like he is. Its partly why I gave myself the nickname jiva many years ago now. I’ll always be a soul in transit and aware of it. The point is to rise above pain and every day grind and accept what comes and appreciate that it may not be what you want but its what must happen. Tough at the best of times although things like this make it stand out.

Anyway, love it or hate it this is how I am. I’ve been knocked for it in the past, its made me stronger. I do understand that many others will not agree, although from what I have seen they have not been as happy or lucky as I am.


bye bye my love

January 30, 2008

bye bye my love

Originally uploaded by jiva

I got home to find his front leg limp like the back leg was before. It was cold, and numb. We rushed to the vets and he said the best thing for him not to suffer was to leave us. We knew he had a heart condition and the medicines were helping before but this time they were not. Even if we did keep him alive it would be only to happen again. We left him at the vets at 7pm this evening. I’m still a bit numb but it was best for him.

I will miss him. The best cat ever.