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*insert high speed chase music here*

January 13, 2008

Friday was great, Erasmus’s vet trip was good. He was very pleased with his progress. He now has steroids to get rid of the itching which has completely stopped him licking his back leg. woohoo! He will be on pills for the rest of his days but happy enough with it.

Next was a trip to mum and dads to take a look at weddingy stuffs. We discussed my dress and my sisters.

This is the silk we are going to use.

I collected the new cat tree my brother in-law kindly got for us. Argos, mighty cheap at £30 but also only available in Fakenham. I then went on to my brothers for a play with the kids and to test their presents. I need to take one pair of trousers back to the shop.

Saturday we cleaned the lounge and moved all the furniture about. We’ve blocked one of the doors but it has made a ton more space in the room and we can now fit in a dining table. Now we have to sort the other rooms to get that table free. We’ve been hoovering with our new Dyson Animal. It works so very well and its great to get up and down the stairs. They needed it. The cat tree has gone up and met with fantastic approval.

box inspection

I’ve finished all bar blocking and tying in ends on a pair of tight black mitts for a colleague. The kitchen has been swept and mopped, 5 loads of washing have gone on, the dish washer has been on twice. We’ve hoovered all 3 floors and all the stairs. Generally its been a spring clean with regular breaks. Finally I’ve just finished cooking and eating a top class veggie lasagna with enough left to freeze and refrigerate. All paperwork has been filed and tidied and the book shelves cleaned up. Having Scotty around to share the work has made it great, we work so very well together almost like a well oiled machine. Overall a very high achievement weekend but also now I ache from all that pushing broom.



January 9, 2008

I’ve been out every lunch time with my colleague and friend Di. She’s getting married in May so we’ve visited at least 4 weddingy type shops over the past two lunch times. I have managed to get one thing and I fell in love with it. A necklace for me, to match my yet unmade dress. Pure silver with blue topaz.

my little treat

The ideas are building up, style, colour and generally what needs to be done. I am at a loss with several areas. Ive charged Scotty with the honeymoon so its one less thing for me to sort. I’m sure we can put together an itunes play list and keep it low key for music and entertainment. Still it would be nice to have something a little special, its just what. Any ideas welcome. I’m still on a budget so hiring a band is not really what I want. Firstly before caterers and any other things we need to decide who is coming. This is something I’m not sure I want to choose yet, but it has to be done and soon.

I was so wiped out yesterday evening from all the running around at work (lots of PC replacements going on) and the walks at lunch and walking home and getting the shopping on the way. I did not pick up the knitting. I feel like its getting away from me. The want to write down a pattern and complete the cable heart cascade socks is burning in the back of my mind but they are still locked in stalemate. I need to make them long even if I want them short, so I can publish a full and part pattern.

Erasmus is booked in to the vet for Friday morning and shock of all shocks his leg now appears to be healing up a bit. I’m not going to cancel now. I’d rather be safe and pay for another vets visit than worry about it. He seems happy though spending most of the evening curled next to me.


today is a good day

November 22, 2007

a full nights kip and I’m all refreshed. Everything feels like the sun is shining, and I cant seem to stop smiling. I think my emotions are over compensating but I’m not going to complain.

I’ve got the confirmation through from Dragon Hall for hire of the venue for our wedding. Total cost of hire for 1 day: £2,115.00. Now we need to pay the deposit, organize caterers and start on the rest.

HOPEFULLY there are some things we want to cut on costs because I don’t really see the point on spending my entire savings and more on one day. The hall does not need decoration. It is beautiful in its self. My aim is to cut on entertainment by having some friends do music(if they would be so very kind). I will be using a designated bar but that is only £200. I’d like to use one of the designated caterers too.

Mum is covering the dress and Dad with Mum are fronting a grand for that and other clothing for brides maids and champagne. I want to make my own flowers but I need to run some tests on that first. They have to be special if hand made instead of real. Finally because we have some good friends who are flickrites we will hopefully completely avoid paying for a photographer.

🙂 I’m lost in a little world of getting married and for now its great. I’ve been looking at where we can get to by flying from Norwich for our honey moon. It can get complicated because we can transfer at Schiphol.

I even found out there are 6 of us getting married next year in our office. Are we all loved up? you betcha.

PS. while I remember, an Erasmus update. The vet says he’s incredibly impressed by rassies progress. He is suffering a little pain but he has some anti-inflamatory pain killers now instead of aspirin. Within 5 minute from getting back from the vets he was stomping and purring all over me.


not so much fun but games

November 21, 2007

The other day I ordered some games for the wii online from GAME. I cant fault the actual delivery of the items. They turned up yesterday morning nice and early. Thing is I’ve still not recieved any of the email. I checked my cpanel account online at home and it was not that causing the issue. I’m sure my account with jiva does not expire until september 2008. There is No reason at all why the emails have not turned up. Mighty odd.

Anyway we got Simpsons, Lego Star Wars and Marrio Galaxy. We’ve tried the first two and they are fab. I can see Scotty haveing lots to do whilst I work normal days over christmas. Plus it means lots of warm cosy nights in for the both of us.
I’ve been knitting at that sock (two at once so that should be socks). I am at the point of gusset increase. Things are looking good. I really should take some photos. Which reminds me, photos are up for mums birthday party, go take a look.

Sorry if this seems a little short and stabby, I’ve had a REALLY rough nights sleep. I woke up several times and then from about 4am onwards I had to get up because my nose was stuffed. Got back in to bed around 4.30 and lay awake. I may have drifted in and out but I did sweat buckets, get cold, get hot, listen to snoring, hear cars and birds. I was not resting properly. Come the alarm going off for Scotty I was a mess. He said its not that bad so I burst in to tears. Mainly because right then I was with head ache, tired and completely unable to relax properly it was that bad in my head. He tried to comfort me but saying the things that would wind me up the most instead of just hugging me, not his fault, just mine for being completely erational where sleep is concerned. So yeah up at 6 and no more sleep. I’m never ever good after lack of sleep. I can sleep for England and Europe. Being deprived of what I consider my one major requirement will make me a complete emotional wreck today. Then there’s the vets tonight so I had to come in early to work. Plus the builders were prompt at 7am and started the cement mixer at 7.15.

Please, if you’ve read this today try not pick on me. Give me a gentle stroke and say “aw have a cookie and a cup of tea” and walk away slowly before I cry or scream. You have been warned.


the not so regular update

November 19, 2007

several things to cover. I’ll try and remember them all

Erasmus appears to be mostly better but as of Thursday last week we noticed an odd bare patch on his leg. We also wondered why he had several hairballs in the two days leading up to finding this patch. We’ve tried to deal with it ourselves. He’s not taking his aspirin properly and I’m getting a tad frustrated with spending most of my evening saying: ” Erasmus, please stop. NO.” and then distracting him with something else. It works quite well and when we added a touch of olive oil to his food it calmed down and he appeared to stop licking as much. I guess his leg is hot tingly and itchy but now I have booked a fresh vets appointment on Wednesday. I’ve requested an early at work and hopefully we can get him back on track.

Mums birthday was yesterday. The shock that she’s 60 and now a fully paid up bus pass owner has not slowed her down. The entire clan met on Sunday at a pub for lunch. When I say entire clan I mean it. All the in-laws and great grandparents for the youngest. 4 generations in one room and 19 people all told. The food was ok but a bit pub standard. It tasted nice but it was not exciting. Mum looked so very very happy and everyone enjoyed themselves. Most of everyone went back to my brothers house but I’m afraid Scotty and I disappeared to be lost in Tescos getting the weekly shop before it shut. Not something I’d recommend. I’m yet to go late night shopping and I think I may need to next time, save making me want to stab people in the eyes who cant handle a trolley. Another thing that struck me is I’m almost exactly half my mothers age now. I was born when she was 30. I’m dreading hitting 30 because I don’t wanna grow up 😉 I dread to think how she feels about 60, although I’ve got a feeling she’s handling it well and requesting a good dose of senility to ease the passing. Why not? I’d use any excuse to have all day retired like mum and dad have. I know its not my time yet. I have photos from the pub, I’ll upload them soon. It was fantastic to see both of my grans as they live a long way away I very rarely get to see them and feel guilty for not visiting more often.

I have missing email. I bought some stuff from game and the email never turned up to confirm. I just know my re-director for jiva has gone all squiffy and I cant fix it at work. Only at home. DAMN DAMN. I just hope I can find my password etc to get it all sorted out. Hopefully the new games will arrive tomorrow and fit through my letter box other wise I’m going to have to get to the post office before it shuts.

The builders are starting earlier and earlier due to the daylight being lacking. This morning was getting here at 7am and setting off the cement mixer at 7.15. Well you may call me lazy but I don’t need to get up until 7.30. I called the council to find out the law that they stick to and instead they logged a case with the noise abatement team. As the guys who are working on the house next to ours built our house too I’m a bit ill at ease making a complaint, but its my beauty sleep god damn it and I needs it. Having to wake up early on a Monday morning because of the noise is just not cricket. I’d like to see how they would feel if I woke them up 30 minutes early most week days.

I feel moany after all that. Sorry.


Oh alright then

November 13, 2007

you can have a proper post. I just need to get typing.

So Friday night was spent at home instead of going to see Lee Scratch Perry which I’m slightly gutted about but hey, cant win them all and finding out on Thursday night left us too late to get tickets. Next best thing to being there is here.

Saturday we packed up for a night at my brothers for his house warming party come birthday party for his wife. There were many old friends attending and even though we have 8 years between me and him I had a fair few years where his friends were my friends too when I moved to Norwich alone at 18.

I bought some booze over and Scotty spent nearly the entire evening by the fire in the woods. He helped start the fire and as the night went on ALL of the attending men took turns in tending the fire. Almost the entire evening was spent by the fire until around midnight when the remaining people who were sleeping over all went for a game of table football. All drinkers had a fair skin full and a fun night was had by all. All the photos I took turned out a bit rubbish so I’ve not bothered putting any up yet. Paul and Becky (brother and wife) had spent a lot of time in their garden cutting down all the rubbish and thinning out their very over grown garden. EVERYTHING burnable was burned.

Sunday was spent recovering, and I was mean enough to mention to all the others that I could spend it on the sofa relaxing whilst they all had small children to attend to. Sometimes I’m quite happy not to have kids, especially with a hang over.

Monday was back at work. Le sigh, its good at the moment though because I feel refreshed by the holiday.

I finished a quick knitted head band of which I’m yet to take a photo, and I’ve started a new pair of socks. The lace work has gone in to hibernation as I’ve lost what row I’m on and in the dark evenings its nigh on impossible to complete. Overall we’re happy, Erasmus is well and all is good at Erasmavillas. (stoopid name for our house)

big love all.


the rise and rise of pawford

October 30, 2007

this evening I got home to our cat walking better than ever. I do worry about him and wish I could spend more time at home. He is proving to us that he’s getting better and trying his very best to get well. He’s still limpy but at least knuckling less and standing better on his back legs. He’s always fun and purring lots and you can see in his eyes that its slightly frustrating but not going to stop him being happy.

In other news last night our neighbours were home and forgot that they were in a terrace. The bass on their music was LOUD and we waited until after 11.30 before I got up and went next door and very kindly requested the turn it down before I use my dpns as stabby things. I was polite but informed them that somehow they were managing to get the bass right up the partition wall, and really a monday night? PLEASE I’m nearly 30. I prefer not to be shaken in my bed after 11 on a week night because you’re still a stoodent.

Anyehew they were nice about it and turned it down. Then when leaving 30 minutes later managed to slam the front door and the car doors and rev the car engine. Then the builders started at 7am breaking bricks, mixing cemet, and cicrular sawing breeze blocks. Saying all that though we’ve been here nearly a year and thats the first time ever I’ve really been annoyed enough to want to crack out the knitting needles for some ninja smack down.

I’ve carved a pumpkin. Scotty has toasted the seeds. I will report back on the seeds and I’m processing photos on the mini pumpkin. I’ve booked another visit to Dragon Hall and Erasmus’s next visit to the vet. I may just get around to some knitting if I get away from blogging and that internet.