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busy busy

February 22, 2009

work is. I’m just keeping on top of it and doing it all well.

Scotty and I had a wonderful valentines. Friday night on the way home from work I popped in to the local beauty place and booked in a massage amazingly for 9.10 am on Saturday. I told Scotty when I got in, he said it was a perfect valentines gift and promptly paid for it. Hoorah!

Saturday we went shopping for HOURS. Stopped off for a pret lunch and succeeded in purchasing clothes for the both of us. Firstly I purchased hopefully my last knitting book for some time. I think I have everything I need now to get something knitted. Shame that I’ve not picked up the needles since last weeks knitting club. *le sigh* my mojo has taken a sabatical and not informed me.

I purchased 3 new skirts, 3 new tops and a pair of trousers. Got them all home and tried them on and they all fit fine. Except one skirt zip was broken. Scotty got two new work shirts.

In the useful things I need department we bought a garlic press. One with a rubbery side to clean it, it works. We’ve had garlic nearly every day this week so I could thoroughly test it.

Sunday, Scotty made more fresh bread and I started on the home paperwork. It is still lying in a mess on the spare room table down stairs. I “borrowed” or liberated some old folders from the office to re-file and start from fresh with some of our personal data, like bank accounts, bills, all that TON of paperwork that accumulates enough to make a large bonfire. All recycled including the work folders.

Monday I had lunch with a work friend. 5 years doing the same job in the same team and I’d never met him. We got on well but we’ve been chatting like mates for years anyway. I also took back broken skirt.

Tuesday I made my own lunch with the baked bread. I class that as a “happy lunch”

Wednesday I was meant to meet Dad for lunch but I had to cancel. Good job because he was helping my sister after she’s just moved house. They have been waiting months to move and are also waiting on a new puppy to arrive. They have completed and moved just in time. New puppy arrives on Friday YAY!

I went to put on my new posh trousers for work and bent over to stroke Jasper. *rip* the bottom fell out of my world, or at least I was gaping where a woman should never gape. *sigh* Trousers changed and left on the bed to be coated in cat hair before taking them back.

Thursday Dad did pop over but we only got to chat fo 15 minutes or so. It was nice to see him before he went away for the weekend. He’s taking my nieces and nephews and my brother is going too. Its all go in our family! I took back the trousers and found some nice other ones. These I tried on at home and they are HUGE. Its nice to feel slim but I swear this size was completely miss-labeled. I checked and it was my size. These will also have to go back.

I picked up AM and we went to knitting club. Much fun was had and I gave her and her lovely husband a lift home again.

Friday was Scotty’s birthday. I baked him a cake and we went out to the prison ( a great viewpoint place in Norwich) to take a few photos of the view with Scotty’s new wide angle lens We also said hello to Erasmus where we scattered him. He also loves the drawing pens and drawing pad I got him. I paid some towards his lens too. He also got a jelly bean machine from Dad and some coffee cups and a chocolate shaker to go with the coffee stuff.

Saturday Scotty and I took cake and flowers to my sister at her new house. They were waiting for their new cooker to arrive. Once it arrived it had to be connected. After some staring at the wiring M finally figured it out and got the contraption working correctly. Hoorah! A brief trip in to Holt for some new magnetic saucepans my sister whipped up a veggie lasagna and baked potatoes. It was perfection and extremely tasty. The cooker past muster and was proclaimed a success.

now its taken me over a week to post I have had to keep adding to it to keep up. I’m not sure right now I want to keep this up. I do love blogging but I can see up until the end of March I’m going to be quiet on the airwaves at work. I’m too busy and hoping to enjoy getting my head down and working hard. If I do get blogging time at home as well as catching up with Internets at home I’ll pop by. Just don’t get upset if I’m illusive in the near future. I’ve not forgotten anyone, I’m not hiding because I’m sad. I’m happy, I’ve just got a lot to do and something has to give for me to achieve the things I want. Anyway whats the betting now I’ve said this I’ll blab 3 or 4 posts this week alone. 😉 you’ll just never know and neither will I until it happens. I just have to try to make things happen and sitting here typing a blog post is not getting that other thing done…..


whoosh… all coming round a bit quick

August 14, 2008

Tuesday night was my last dress fitting. Mum and dad picked me up from work and we went over to the dress maker. I think the dress is truley beautiful. Although mum and dad were super tired they still said and looked like they loved the dress.

From here on in I’m not sure if I will be able to blog much at all. I’ll take notes and make sure I add them after the honeymoon but really, blogging is not top of my priority list.

Hopefully tonight I’ll pick up my dress, take it to my friends house for storage until the big day when she will take it to Dragon hall for me. This way I’ve not got it hanging about our house waiting for scotty to take a peek. Lunch time I have to order my flowers ready for next week. Its getting to the stage where we’re washing things ready to pack, looking out forms and documents and arranging all the little bits that we need. I’m so very glad that I’ve decided to spend the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding at home. It may sound strange but I am strongly attached to my pillow, and bed and comfort may just be one of those things that mean I can sleep properly avoiding any melt downs.

Later this evening I will try and make it to knit night and relax before my secret hen party on Friday night. Then I only have 3 days left of work next week before I get time off to complete everything. I feel like i’ve been saying we’re getting there for months now. Its still the case and I’m sure it will all be sorted just how it should be. I wont be able to make it to next Thursday’s knit night because the inlaws will be in town and Scotty has his stag doo.

I started a pair of socks for Scotty, He loves the very simple knit purl 3 x 3 square pattern I’ve added to the top of the foot. They are just getting to the part before gusset increase. I’ve not knit for a couple of nights because I asked him if he wanted to wear them on his wedding day. He said no because they are grey and not black. I fully understand and it takes the pressure off a little so I don’t have to get them done and I don’t intend on completing them either.

So yeah… see you some time in about a month, this way I’m not giving full details out on the net about when I’m going to be at home and not. I’m sure anyone with enough want and need to go and raid our house can figure it out, as well as where we live and what they can scope out, but I don’t want to give out ammo by saying I’m here or not here. We will have people checking on our house to make sure whilst we’re away. You never know I may be able to post again before I’m a Mrs but don’t wait, I’ll be off enjoying myself. I promise.

ps. Otis says mewpurrr, Jasper says burrruip, they will be off on their holidays soon too.


what I should have written yesterday

May 6, 2008

Its been a great weekend. Scotty and I had Friday as holiday and due to my hay fever being rather prevalent we stayed in and watched a whole heap of old films on the TV and I knitted. The films included back to the future 3 and Bill & Teds excelent adventure. I realised both films were produced around 20 years ago, making me 8 years old at the time. That really made me feel old and rather like I was taking a day to step back a few years. Time was spent playing with the cats and all that sort of stuff like washing and cleaning. Sometimes especially when I have hay fever its just nice not to leave the house and to hide indoors.

Saturday I did my hair in curls, it was a lot easier than I expected but dropped out in to waves quite quickly. I had nothing to hold the style in my hair. This was all in aid of a hen doo for a work friend. She had a great time and I enjoyed seeing work Friends outside of work for a drink. They all moved on to “sheecargoos” and I got a cab home from the train station. I don’t enjoy heavy drinking and I also don’t enjoy clubbing in Norwich. I think I escaped well as I was informed it was the same as usual, meaning a bit grim. The bbq at the Eagle Pub was great though.

Sunday was fabulous weather. We went over to my sisters house for my nephew and brother in laws birthdays. It was great to see all the family and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We played in the garden and I helped my sister cook a little when I was fed up of itching and wanted to get inside rather than outside.

Now bank holidays are some of my favourite times. Amazingly it was very very hot yesterday, Scotty and I popped in to tescos and got a cheap printer. £40 for a canon, and its top quality. It was cheaper to buy that and print cards than to have them done by someone else. After shopping we took a small picnic to Mouse hold hill and sat out in the sun. We scattered Erasmus up on the hill so he could chase the birds and enjoy the view. I’m still missing him. I thought of his long low meows and how special he was. I must admit though when we got home I got a hug off each of our new kitties and it was like they knew he was gone and the both gave really good hugs, something it takes time to learn.

I’ve printed out a stack of invites and a stack of RSVP cards. Amazingly I’ve forgotten to place on a RSVP date on the invite card but it is on the RSVP cards. Address is on the invite cards but not the RSVP cards. I’m confused but it looks REALLY nice.

I’ve managed to knit all the way past the heel on a pair of socks without taking any photos. yes yes, bad blogger, etc. One day I will catch up. Its not likely to be any time soon.


lovely lovely

April 14, 2008

Gosh its already Monday night and I’ve not had time to reprise my weekend.

It was great! I achieved.. well sort of. Went to see mum and dad. Mum is suffering a little at the moment with more chemotherapy. It really does knock her about but she still fights on good and strong. She says its like walking up 9 flights of stairs when she just does the one flight and you get that wobbly leg feeling. Also her arms ache when she’s stripping the wall paper, or painting the walls. WHAT?? YOU WHAT? oh why oh why cant she stop? its because it keeps her going. She’d rather ache and get on with it than sit there. I don’t blame her, I just love her and wish that she would take the best care of herself for all our sakes. I’m sure she does really but I’m still shocked she does not slow down that much. Although she has slowed for my mum. It used to be EVERYTHING done TODAY. If it needed fixing she’d be on it. I’ve just GOT to love her. The best mum ever. Then there is dad, he’s looking after her so very very well, I’m in awe at his stamina and ability to deal with the situation. He keeps going when mum cant and takes all the nagging and instruction she can sit giving. I do love my parents so much, they are amazing.

Then after visiting mum and discussing catering and all those weddingy type things we went on to my brothers house for dinner and a quick play with the twins before bed time. I was fully amazed to see that Izzy has learned all of her ABC.. Tommy is not so forthcoming but he’s mastered potty training and she has not. They are both so very different! I gave them a bath, which basically meant playing with a bottle making squirty fountains to keep them entertained. They went off to bed and Scotty had a drink (antibiodes and driving duty) otherwise I would have stayed over. The world was put to rights and we took a wonder around the grounds in daylight to look at the new plants and in night light to play with powerful torches and marvel at the sunset from their property. Summer parties are going to be the best from their place.

Sunday I rose early thinking I must get some stuff sorted out. I baked a loaf of fresh bread… Just could not resist showing off to my old friend Eve… nipped to the shops, did washing, dishwasher, tidied and generally achieved lots. Scotty went out to take some photos with flickr friends. Eve came over with her beautiful daughter Alys. Alys just loved playing with the cats and throwing quite a hard ball right in their faces. They just took it sort of understanding that she did not know any better. I managed to talk Eve in to doing our wedding cake (its what she wants to do as her own business one day, and she said she would be honoured) which is another weight off my shoulders. Next time she visits she’s going to bring samples. Now is that not just the best visiting present? 🙂 I love her too. I’ve known Eve since I was 17. It was a bit distant for a while but I’m mighty glad we got back in touch. After Eve left for the long drive back to St Albans I sat and knitted.

All in all a very happy weekend, not everything sorted that I wanted to do, like invites and catering not completely decided but still I know what needs to be done now and its very easily achievable. The one thing I do need to do is set the catering in stone so that they cant sneak charges in here and there. You’d be amazed what 3 quotes have already tried to do


missing someone you used to care about?

March 19, 2008

I had a few strange dreams last night. Nothing scary or anything but it reminded me of an old friend I’ve not been in contact with for many years.

First thing I did this morning after my shower was nip on to the web and check out how he was. The last I heard he had bladder cancer and I was all of a sudden worried, and wanted to know that he was OK.

Now this gentleman was someone very special to me. A guide, a support and someone whom I would trust with my secrets. Like a very close uncle and friend. I’m gutted I lost contact and I will now at some point soon re-make contact with him. It does however add a strange light on my past and future if I do make contact.

The thing is he’s a hare Krishna devotee and someone who has dedicated his life to Krishna consciousness, which is not a bad thing. I’ve said before that I do appreciate all that they do as a group and I do believe in their theory of what is good for you and for life. Thing is as time has gone by I have definitely put myself at a distance from the temple and devotees due to some not so favourable situations I ended up being part of. Mostly due to my ex… These things don’t really need to be gotten in to, best just to say that I found that the very strict path of a devotee was not something I felt I could attain and keep sane and happy.

It was mainly due to the fact that I measured myself so strictly it became something that would hinder rather than help my development. Still I feel like I may have lost something by loosing that contact. Although with associations like ISKCON you have to be able to give and take and accept all of the good and bad within an organisation I was one who would rather not join than fail. Maybe that was naive and maybe I’ve lost my chance at perfection this life, unless you understand fully what you are getting in to it is wise not to take that step. Plus full understanding is sometimes also the downfall, knowing what you have to achieve can be a mountain too far.

My parents were suitably worried that I spent so much time with what looked like a cult in my early 20’s. Although after meeting devotees and understanding what the whole thing was about they were happy that I had something in my life that explained things and made me comfortable with why I’m here. I’d never ever push any religion or way of life on anyone and I’m mighty glad nobody did the same to me. Now though, I’m much further away from being a devotee than I ever was, I still have some of their philosophies at heart. I may have taken on the things that suit me and dropped the things that don’t, I fully admit that I enjoyed my time with the devotees and still would like them to be my friends. Religion as a whole is such a sore subject for many people to broach because it points out some of the finer items of your beliefs and mind structure that others could pick at. This is why sometimes I have left the subject and decided to be more frivolous and just deal with the day to day items.

Luckily Kripamoya is alive and well and still teaching Krishna Consciousness to many. I still find him an inspiration and I love the way he writes and talks about his way of being and his devotion and how it fits in to this very commercial and highly technological 21st century. So please, if you want to see what I would call at true devotee, someone who cares about his soul and the souls of others, visit his blog and see what its about. I love the way he has dealt with what life has thrown at him. If I can be even a smidgen as understanding as he is of the trials of life I will stand a chance of coping with what ever comes my way.



January 9, 2008

I’ve been out every lunch time with my colleague and friend Di. She’s getting married in May so we’ve visited at least 4 weddingy type shops over the past two lunch times. I have managed to get one thing and I fell in love with it. A necklace for me, to match my yet unmade dress. Pure silver with blue topaz.

my little treat

The ideas are building up, style, colour and generally what needs to be done. I am at a loss with several areas. Ive charged Scotty with the honeymoon so its one less thing for me to sort. I’m sure we can put together an itunes play list and keep it low key for music and entertainment. Still it would be nice to have something a little special, its just what. Any ideas welcome. I’m still on a budget so hiring a band is not really what I want. Firstly before caterers and any other things we need to decide who is coming. This is something I’m not sure I want to choose yet, but it has to be done and soon.

I was so wiped out yesterday evening from all the running around at work (lots of PC replacements going on) and the walks at lunch and walking home and getting the shopping on the way. I did not pick up the knitting. I feel like its getting away from me. The want to write down a pattern and complete the cable heart cascade socks is burning in the back of my mind but they are still locked in stalemate. I need to make them long even if I want them short, so I can publish a full and part pattern.

Erasmus is booked in to the vet for Friday morning and shock of all shocks his leg now appears to be healing up a bit. I’m not going to cancel now. I’d rather be safe and pay for another vets visit than worry about it. He seems happy though spending most of the evening curled next to me.


Oh alright then

November 13, 2007

you can have a proper post. I just need to get typing.

So Friday night was spent at home instead of going to see Lee Scratch Perry which I’m slightly gutted about but hey, cant win them all and finding out on Thursday night left us too late to get tickets. Next best thing to being there is here.

Saturday we packed up for a night at my brothers for his house warming party come birthday party for his wife. There were many old friends attending and even though we have 8 years between me and him I had a fair few years where his friends were my friends too when I moved to Norwich alone at 18.

I bought some booze over and Scotty spent nearly the entire evening by the fire in the woods. He helped start the fire and as the night went on ALL of the attending men took turns in tending the fire. Almost the entire evening was spent by the fire until around midnight when the remaining people who were sleeping over all went for a game of table football. All drinkers had a fair skin full and a fun night was had by all. All the photos I took turned out a bit rubbish so I’ve not bothered putting any up yet. Paul and Becky (brother and wife) had spent a lot of time in their garden cutting down all the rubbish and thinning out their very over grown garden. EVERYTHING burnable was burned.

Sunday was spent recovering, and I was mean enough to mention to all the others that I could spend it on the sofa relaxing whilst they all had small children to attend to. Sometimes I’m quite happy not to have kids, especially with a hang over.

Monday was back at work. Le sigh, its good at the moment though because I feel refreshed by the holiday.

I finished a quick knitted head band of which I’m yet to take a photo, and I’ve started a new pair of socks. The lace work has gone in to hibernation as I’ve lost what row I’m on and in the dark evenings its nigh on impossible to complete. Overall we’re happy, Erasmus is well and all is good at Erasmavillas. (stoopid name for our house)

big love all.


damn I forgot blog action day

October 15, 2007

now I don’t normally take part in ANYTHING. I’m an abstainer, a sitter on that fence and basically a coward (well not exactly but I’m not first in line). Still there are some things worth shouting about and one is the environment.

I saw a small movie earlier today on youtube that sums up how we should all feel. WE must all do SOMETHING because doing nothing has bigger consequences if we get the choice wrong. Do something, or do nothing. Something may be expensive and have knock on effects but its still better than doing nothing and then something happens we’ve not prepared for having the worst possible results.

To save me having to blather on and say the same as everyone else I would like to refer you all to my good friend Cishanjia who has a very ballanced view on things and delves deep in to philosophy. His post here discusses power and usage which I agree with.


enjoyment and recovery

September 3, 2007

Friday night we had some friends stay over. Only 3 which is about all we can cope with. It was nice, once they got to our house we went out and got a curry in town then came home to drink more. Erasmus was pure entertainment the whole time and he has gained more fans. He just appears to perform for guests, jumping in and out of a bag and mewing on command. He knows when he’s the star of the show. All friends left with a jar of chutney. we’re getting down it now, and I just cant resist not letting people leave without something to remember us by!

Saturday was beer recovery day. I knitted and got some washing done.

Sunday I cooked and did some more washing and knitting. Also went to tescos on an empty stomach. Oh dear. I’ve bought all the wrong things and they are DELICIOUS… there goes the lb’s back on I lost. *sigh*  We were going to go see mum and dad at thier new house but after ironing 7 shirts and doing all the rest of the general stuff that NEEDED doing we ran out of time. What we did do was cook marrow, now I do like stuffed marrow but I didn’t fancy that. What I can reccomend is small chunks breadcrumbed and fried. That with chutney goes down great.

/start knitting content

The bayerische mitts are coming along nicely. If I get time I may finish them soon. One is now complete with thumb. I’m very impressed with the end product. I had to get creative with the top of the glove and with the thumb. The top is a mirror of the increases at the bottom with decreases instead and the thumb may not be explainable. I sort of picked up stitches to fill holes and made it up as I went along to achieve something that does not look out of place. I casted off as loose as I could to allow movement in the top and I may have done it just a little too loose but it still looks great. The thumb is cast off just right although I would if repeating still have two more stitches in the round than I finished because it becomes quite a tight fit.

I started listening to a pod cast on knitting. I looked them up on itunes and Brenda of cast on is an absolute scream. I wanted to start at the beginning and it has been a bit strange hearing about Christmas 2004 on my walk in to work. I have on several occasions burst out laughing in public whilst walking. Trying to compose myself, I’m sure I look like a complete loon but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a light hearted look at knitting. I also listened all the way round the supermarket the other day and it made the whole shopping experience much better. Brenda appears to be the most downloaded on itunes, this is why I chose her. I will start looking at others but not until I’ve got a bit more up to date with hers.

/stop knitting content

This week is officially now 7 years in the same job. Make from this what you will: *itch itch*


I promised you cat in pants

August 31, 2007

so you get cat in pants:

Happy furry Friday!

I’m loads better than yesterday. I have emotional down days like that where its just hard work to be positive. Today is much better. I’ve got a half day working and hopefully we’re off shopping this afternoon to get Scotty some shirts for work. Then this evening we have a couple of old friends popping over, which is nice. /fast show

Best thing I’ve seen on the Internet so far today is: SOCK WARS  So of course I MUST talk about it. I want to take part but the fact of parting with a half knitted object would be painful for me. Very very tempting though even if I have never finished a pair of socks.

oohh that reminds me I must call mum and dad and see how their new house is. soo much to do! 🙂