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I wanted to…

March 10, 2008

honest. I wanted to take some photos of yarn and knitting. I wanted to take some more photos of Otis and Jasper. I wanted to make my invites, I wanted to make my flowers. I wanted to tidy the garden. I wanted to relax.

guess which one singular of these items I achieved this weekend? probably just the most important one which was relax.

I took Jasper to the vets. He had a worming tablet, a full 1 week course of antibiotics and with that he also gets some gooey paste with all the flora and fauna a cat needs for good digestion. This was hopefully going to stop the “runny bum” issue we are having. As of this morning even though he’s only had sensitive biscuits to eat, he’s still making quite a mess. At some point soon I’m going to have to bleach the skerting boards. Its not nice, its actually at the stage where I need to dab his bum after he’s been for a poo because he dribbles a little. I’m so not enjoying it.

Anway on to nicer things. My brother came over on Saturday afternoon with the twins. It was lovely to see them although Tommy was rife with a temperature and feeling woozy. It was fun having them round. The twins were great with our cats and our cats were great with the twins. Although by the end of the evening Izzy was scared and Tommy had been accidentally scratched when Otis took a fast run round the house and Tommy was in his flight path. I started to get a headache like no other Saturday night which would probably would have been deal-able with if I had any pain killers in the house. I woke up again on Sunday with the same throbbing head, all sinus same as usual. Why I decided to do a full months worth of shopping in Tescos with that headache will be always beyond my reasoning but I did. Then collapsed on the sofa all day and knitted. (I will leave a proper knitting update for another day)

I ordered some knit picks needles, which I found the knit picks web site does not ship to the UK. I found a re-seller courtesy of a lovely online knitterly friend Indie knits pointed me at the right place Get knitted. This seems to be the only place I can find high quality metal circular needles with no inox or pony type bounce back cable and bend in the needles that drives me crazy. Now I do love addi lace needles. Very sharp and nice flexible cable. The only issue is they only do 2.5mm size. I wanted ALL sizes, I’ve ordered 2.0mm 2.25mm and 2.75mm and two of each which came to a grand total of…. £20.65 which is great considering all my addi turbos were £6.95 each from my LYS. YEEP! Although it does feel good to keep my very nice LYS in service!

Finally I may have to take a brief hiatus at some point. Things will be hectic this week and I’d rather spend my spare time relaxing than telling you all about it. Plus to be honest without making time for knitting content I’m a bit fed up with moaning about my ever annoying sinuses and cat poo. Let me know what you think, do you want a daily cat poo update?

nah… thought not.

Oh and I called the crematorium, it appears they’ve been trying to call me in the day time at home… HAH I wish. Anyway Erasmus is coming home tonight. Bill paid and all in powder form. Its a shame I cant just add water and re-constitute our old cat. He was the bestest.


too much choice, and not enough inspiration

January 25, 2008

So here is the most part of my stash. Click on the image to go to the flickr page, it has notes on most of the images and also links underneath to the original images, which in some cases have even more notes.

Now i have all this stash for a reason. To knit with it. Except my inspiration has gone. I do love fondling all of it but I still want that hat scarf and gloves for myself. I’m just not quite sure what to start on, which yarn, which pattern. I am bereft of knitting mojo and it hurts. Please help, send patterns and consider that my fingers are going stiff with boredom the longer you take to make a comment.

I do owe my blog some images of the fluff that I got from yoyo the other day. The issue and my fair excuse for it not appearing yet is that I go to work and get home in darkness. By the time I’m home or before I leave for work its still not nice enough to take quality photos of the fluff to do it justice. Hopefully this weekend will give me the time and achieve this. Also as the knitting mojo has left me and decided to shack up with kate moss (god damn I hate her for even trying knitting) which is just so unfair! Please, she gets the looks, the money, the shape and the knitting? Still I’m rather happy knowing I’ve not got some of the notches on my bed post that shes got. Give or take Johnny Depp of course.

Anyway, we have a birthday party to attend on Saturday for the twins. That will be fun and also one we will attend late so we dont have 4 hours of dealing with around 10 to 20 2 year olds. Apart from that I would like to try and dedicate my weekend to felting and flower progress. At least that is something I can do that ms Moss can not. Ha take that! In your face! because I’m the better person

oh yes.


grumperina is my saviour

October 11, 2007

her toe up sock bind off is THE best sock bind off on this planet.

See the goodness here

This means sock 1 is done and sock 2 is only 15 rows from completion too.



confessions of a closet knitter

October 2, 2007

My socks are already at the crucial heel part. I need to rip something out (that shawl I’ve tried for the 5th time), I have new skeins of yarn which I have not blogged and all of this has not been updated on ravelry. Now I do love sharing these things but it means admitting that I’ve started something. Also admitting that I’ve got more stash than I need. Even moreso it points out that I’m probably going to have to rip something out again. There is something hidden about publishing items that I’m creating that telling you about them then jinxes the item in to a backward spiral to nothing.

Confession time. I’m using up the orange yarn I have, practicing for more professional socks once I have the pattern and design down. Yet again I’ve tried to follow patterns but for what I want to achieve I am squishing several patterns together to achieve perfect sockdom. I know I’m not that experienced but this is how I learn best, trying and testing techniques until I have one down that achieves the desired look and feel. So far I LOVE the toe, and gusset. I need to tackle the heels but for now I’ll add some details as to where I’ve pulled my toe technique.

Firstly I started with a: Single Cast-On aka Backward-Loop Cast-On
what they say is: Easiest method to learn, but tricky to knit from evenly. listed on
I casted on 15 stitches for each sock then pushed them off the back of the circular needle on to the wire. The issue with this is to do one toe at a time because you need to hold on to the loops, save them falling off the needle and tangling. Then I knitted back across the stitches to make them solid. For this I knit first stitch in to back of loop then k across. k in to back of 2nd to last loop and drop the original cast on knot loop. Once these stitches are on the wire rather than the needle, take up the 2nd circular needle and pick up the draping loops and knit those on the new needle.

This does work great but for some silly reason on my first attempt I have managed to make toes that are an odd number of stitches on the base and even on the top. 33 and 34. Also not a congruent size with any pattern out there. I can see a rod coming and its going to be strapped to my back shortly.

To make the extra stitches in the toe on every other row, of course this is all now in the round and every other row is increased after the first stitch which is twisted and just before the last stitch that is twisted. This is for both sides of the sock. Here is an example of the increases I made. found on knitting help I also found that lifting stitches like this works one way to hide and be perfectly hole-less. There is an alternative for the other side of the sock that works the same but the twist has to be in the opposite direction. The opposite increase can also be found on the same knitting help page.

Here is a fine example of sock instructions on how to do the toe up loop on method:  The instructions are broken down in to reasonable parts and each page takes you through the next stage of a toe up sock.

Yarnissima, and Wendy have also been my saviours for sock ideas and understanding. They are both EXTREMELY talented knitters and well worth listening to. Some of their stunning designs can be found free of charge at The Loopy Ewe

One tool I cannot do without is the fantastic and well written tech knitting blog. Where they also have instructions for  casting on by looping and many many more fantastic techniques. I’m in awe at how knitting has been deconstructed here and made simple to understand what each stitch type does and how it relates with others.

I found a blog that does video blogging for those who love visual instruction. well worth a look. I would love to do something like this but I know they are way better than I could ever produce.

Anyway enough knitting for now, I need to go practice some heel types on some spare yarn before I dare commit to my new socks. Maybe even take photos… Shock horror I may even get something up on ravelry! go on, add me as a friend 😉


relaxation its great.

September 16, 2007

I’ve slept sooooo much but I did need it. Lets start back where we left off. *rewinds*

So Thursday another long day. I had a nap in the afternoon knowing that it was all catching up and it was going to be another late night. The weather was getting hotter and the team were relaxing more because it was nearing the end of the event. I still managed 9 hours work and then went out to party. Disney opened up a small part of discovery land. We went and got food then went on buzz light year twice. I was hanging out with quite a few of the events team and the networking guys. As we did not get in to the park until nearly 9pm by 11 we were being ushered towards the exit. Next on to clubbing. Now I don’t normally go clubbing but I was informed I would have to. (show face and take part and all that) In fact it was very enjoyable. the music was super cheesy and made sure everyone from 18 to 60 would enjoy. I danced with my team until 2 am at which point I escorted a colleague back to the hotel. It took me a little while to get to sleep but I do remember looking at the clock at 2.45 and thinking damn I need to sleep now or I’m stuffed.

Up at 7am, I got down to work at 7.45 and surveyed the wreckage that was most people. Everyone attending the courses and meetings were also out the night before and because it was the last day an amazing more relaxed feel washed over the place. I checked out when I had chance and had everything ready to go. It was a long wait until I could leave at 3pm and after a last lunch at the hotel I wobbled myself through the afternoon hardly making any sense due to lack of sleep. Except I could not nap, I had no facility. Finally I said my goodbyes and parted at 3pm, the bus took a while to go to every terminal but it was lovely to see some of France. I went straight in to the airport and checked in and went to duty free. One small espresso coffee later I could cope until I left the ground. I purchased wine and chocolate for the family and wondered why I could not get a new ipod nano. They were not stocking them. Gutted.

the rest went pretty smoothly, apart from one of my bottles of wine cracking on the plane. It was in a sealed bag but still I could smell booze. the crack was hairline but it meant first thing on getting in the house was decanting it in to a plastic bottle. Got back home and Scotty came out to help me in with my suitcase. I was a mess all evening almost speaking in tongues with tiredness. I was in bed by 8.30 uk time, slept right through until 8.30 on saturday then spent all morning on the sofa drifting in and out of consciousness.

Finally I did managed to get some food shopping done Saturday afternoon and finally complete my mitts all bar the weaving in of ends. It looks like the stunning weather has followed me home so hopefully today we’ll head out in to town to get some essentials… like that nano.

This year I loved the trip so much more than last year, although I’m sure I will not be doing it next year. I hope to still be on honeymoon instead. I made some great friends and had a very educational time learning about how other people live and their international lives of mystery. One thing is straight though. I sure am glad to be home. Oh yea, one last thing: photos here! note how I gave up using the camera after clubbing and I’m so crap with names I’ve not labeled them all yet…


things I missed

August 14, 2007

Some one took me up on the offer to swap arctic lace for a sock book. The lovely Beverly here in the UK did the swap. I’m very happy with the sock book she gave me: socks socks socks.

As I’ve not talked about it you may have guessed I did not make it to the works party. We went down the local, quaffed cider and fruit beers and staggered home. Saw friends and generally had a nice time.

I’ve been picking up a few links from around the webosphere:

singing science from Rogan who was an old friend from b3ta days. Entertaining, educational and just plain silly.
slacker cats from wendy knits If you ever want to know about knitting socks, this is your woman. I want to see this but I don’t think its coming to the UK any time soon.

I don’t get to the cinema often. I tend to go and see kids animation films but this summer I’ve not been tempted by any films. This will change when the golden compass comes out. I’ve read the books and enjoyed them, I’m sure they will do them justice. Just look at Iorek! I so want to hug him.


knitting FRENZY!

August 12, 2007

I had way too much choice. Plus not enough knowledge to run up my own patterns. I keep trying to stick things together only to get frustrated.

Now finally I think I have cracked it. I have not only managed to get past the first hump of getting the patterns together I’ve managed to design my own with a lot of help from online resources.

Olgajazzy has some beautiful stuff and this is now integrated in to the ever changing pattern of my new half hexagon shawl. Olga has given hers away free and it is stunning in itself. Plus no where near as complicated as it looks. No triple stitches and a regular repeat.

That was the progress from a slight adaptation of the half hexagon spider lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Now I have fully charted out a transfer in all 3 sections in to the pattern above from Olgajazzy. Thank You Olga!

I’ve changed at least two repeat changes from the VLT design to get this the way I want. I’d like to give this away free, but I’m still not sure how it would be accepted as my own work. What do you knitters out there think?


people who make me love knitting stuff

July 3, 2007

Grumperina has put in to words, feelings of knitters the world over. I wish I could add more but I think she’s covered it. Deffo if you like kintting its a blog worth reading. I love grumperina’s designs, she has a talent most knitters wish to have. The ability to create something completely new and interesting.

yoyo knits knitted her own stockings for her wedding. Now that is what I call determination, and going far beyond service to the cause of knitting. I’m always impressed by her work.

faery crafty has been a god send when it comes to researching knitting patterns on the web. She has an almost complete set of links to all things knitterly. Also after spending some time reading her blog we have had a few heart to heart emails that have made me think I’ve gained another friend out there on the inter-ether.

Dominocat has been a long term friend and I’m always impressed at her achievements. Her latest shocked me a little but after I am in awe at how cool her new tattoo is and how she has been conquering her fears and still being able to get out and go to wool fest. Deeply jealous, I wanted to go but its too far for me.

Miss Alice Faye can do things with lace that I dream of. Where do all you knitters get the time? the ability and the sheer cleverness not to have to rip back 5 rows every 6.

the biggest stash of yarn I have EVER seen in my entire life.

There are many more on this list that I would like to add. They should all be listed down on the bottom right in my contacts but I am just way too lazy to update it. I have a feed from google for loads of knitting blogs one day I will hopefully give all you bloggers out there credit for filling my free time with wonderful blatherings.


I’ve been taking on a knitting challenge

May 21, 2007

Bayerische Socks


by the lovely Eunny Jang. An amazingly talented woman.

But am I using yarn that is too complicated, would they look better as mitts rather than socks? I’ll just keep knitting and hope I make my mind up.

This is slow progress. Many of the stitches are cables and most are alternated between purl and knit to back of loop. The only time I can knit this is in full day light. So its definitely a long term project. Thisis why I wonder if it will be better as mitts, easier to complete and would look great with a matching hat….