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a good weekend for doing stuff.

June 16, 2009


A lovely weekend started with a yarn crawl, or a knit crawl.. We went from church yard to cloisters to Franks to pub and to the playhouse. It was a lovely day with lots of knitting and a good time was had by the 5 or 6 that trawled around with us. AM and I got sushi for lunch and cake at Franks. Then a fair dose of pimms in the pubs and we were truly happy.

I did some yarnbombing above which was left in a pub table drawer. I have lots of donated needles and I hope that someone takes up the challenge.

Sunday Scotty and I went for a nice long walk.. well long for us is 3.5 miles. We started at home got to the Gibraltar Gardens and had lunch then wondered through wensum park and home again. Lunch was very tasty salad and we took some photos.

Dasies! we sat in the sun for a bit enjoying a beautiful day.

Through wensum park and we noticed some lovely wildlife. Spot the birdie in this photo. We also saw in a section of about 10 square feet, a moorhen, seagulls, pigeons, seagulls and finally a rat. He was very cute for a rat though and seemed happy by the river.

Finally we got home and after the main heat of the day subsided I potted on the new lettuce that I bought and potted on what other things needed to go in bigger pots. Now I’m super happy with my back garden and I can see everything has a use and I’m going to get a few fruits and veggies out of there this year. I even cooked with the kohlrabi leaves that we’ve grown so far. They went well with cajun spicy beans and new potatoes with fresh chives.

Now if you click on the image it will take you to the flickr page where every single plant is labelled. I’m so happy with this and cant wait for some more things to grow and come out edible.

What a lovely and calm weekend.



April 15, 2009

naughty me… I’ve been doing so much and writing so little

Scotty and I spent a day in the back garden and after a few small purchases from a garden retailer we stocked up and potted as many vegetables as we could. I kept well away from cauliflowers and broccoli that we attempted last year. This year we have our regular stock of herbs and then courgettes, bok choi, beetroot, one small strawberry, butternut squash and potatoes grown in a converted bin. We even planted fresh cat grass for our boys. The last years crop completely died out.
making a potato planter
A sunday planting session

knitting has almost died a death with me. I’ve not even made it to knit club in weeks. I think I still love it but I got stuck at the armpits on the jumper. The shawl I was doing simply does not add up and the poor thing is waiting for me to have enough patients to sit down for a good couple of hours and count religiously until I can get it all to a working number. Not at all fun. I did however complete two iphone cosies for my new fabulous white iphone. One to wash and one to wear.
I’ve got photos on the PC at home but I’m doing this in my lunch break.

I’ve seen the family two weekends running. My gran came up to visit with my aunt and very kindly gave each of us a bit of money which has been fired directly at our hopefully ever decreasing mortgage. Not huge amounts but big enough to make me feel better. I don’t need her money but apparently neither does she so its gone to good use.

I found out the posh sushi place in toombland Norwich does takeaway.. no really. That was the best £30 (for two) I’ve ever spent on takeaway food. I just LOVE sushi. I get cravings but only once in a while. Its a good job, its way too expensive to buy regularly.

I managed to shrink in to a pair of “hopeful” size trousers in the past week. It’s only taken 8 ish years since I bought them. They were only £2. Bargain even though I’ve now only worn them once.

I’ve had a big new project at work. Some comparison of ID against what sits in one database against another and against asset and all that gubbins. Nothing that can be done by a computer because none of the systems inter-relate. Once I’d finished the task I then had to re-write the process. Good fun but a real mind bender. Something to stick on my CV me thinks.

I had a day trip to Cambridge for work. I wish it was as nice as it sounds but I was in the office from 8.30am until 3.15. harsh, I came straight home for a nap.

This past bank holiday has been wonderful. I started sewing a pair of trousers for myself on Friday. We went shopping in town on Saturday for new shoes for Scotty then had a marathon movie session with finding nemo and quantum of solace. The movie may not be the best for cohesive plot but the action is great on blue ray. Then I had a bit of a cooking frenzy in the evening.

Sunday I supplied the family with the nut roast I cooked the night before. We all went for lunch at my brothers house. Then went on to Felbrigg hall local to him to take the kids on a question trail egg hunt. It was great fun and nice to see all the family having a day out together, even the dog could join in to a point. Shumba is fast becoming a very loved part of our family.

Monday I got back to the sewing machine and completed my trousers. I’m happy mostly but the waist band is terrible. It does not hold correctly and the internal stuff for stiffening I bought appears to be the wrong sort and has caused scrunching. Apart from that they were wearable on Monday for work which means I spent the whole day going round asking people if they liked my new red trousers… and that I made them. I am such a smug ba*”&$%tard.

Now I’ve got a few plans in the making. An early May holiday which the cats are now booked in for their holiday too but also their yearly jabs before their holiday. Speaking of which Otis and Jasper are good some nights but last night I could have booted them both out the top floor window. I am not good when I’ve not had enough sleep and its all their fault. If you want to see our boys visit Flickr, their latest photos are during mid groom here.

Other plans include the yearly car tax and service in May. Excitamente!


a not so secret project

February 25, 2009

One of the not so hidden projects at the moment was to get some of my photos from Flickr and print them.

The reason was a lovely man who works at Castle mall in Norwich had a free shop space and instead of leaving it empty he’s had it painted white and is giving it up free of charge to Norwich Flickr members to post up their own photos.

The brief was to produce some photos of Norwich for all to see. The weather has been terrible recently so all of these photos had to come from the back stash that I have in Flickr.

The lovely man, Rob is his name, asked the whole norwich flickr group, now 9 people have made the effort, to frame our photos and get them to him by Friday. Some have done Norfolk, some just arty shots, and some entirely just Norwich like me.

My photos got there at lunch time today, I did 6 framed 14 by 11 inch frames with 10 by 7 inch prints in them. I must admit I did a really lazy framing job but they still look nice. I met Rob at lunch time and another of the flickr members putting up his pictures. I’m super excited by this and its the first time I’ve ever been hung in a gallery, in any form!

This saturday night, for friends, family, us and anyone else who are well wishers are welcome to come along to the gallery open evening. From 6pm till 9pm at the back on the upper floor of castle mall.

WOO! its a good start, I doubt I’ll ever get famous for it but at least I can say I’ve been in a gallery! Here’s a link to the 6 items I used. My theme: Look up look down in Norwich. A small foray in to alternative views of our city.


are we nearly there yet?

December 15, 2008

Had the yearly, thanks for working with us call and you have….. no extra pay. Fair enough, tough times. I’m just glad I have a job.

Found some cool new puzzles at Strimko. I like them, think like sudoku.

I had a dentist on Friday, I need a new filling. BOO!

I then had my legs waxed and my nails done. Lovely.

ALL of the Christmas presents have arrived. WOO! achievement.

Scotty and I were meant to go out on Saturday to his works party but it was a 50 minute drive each way. Meh we gave it the heave ho and stayed home in the warm.

Which gave me time to finish dad’s scarf. Need to tie in the ends. I’m happy with it now but I did have to completely re-do the cast on edge. It took most of Saturday and Sunday just to knit 6 rows and undo 3. Good thing I know he’s going to like it.

I cant wait for Christmas, I’ve had enough of this year already. It just feels like some things are a bit of an uphill struggle and they don’t look like its going to get any easier. Not all things, just a few niggles.  Work…time…. although It feels like I’ve had the best of 3 weeks of great moods, so hey not all bad.

Roll on the holiday I have 9 days off including weekends and cant wait to have some time.

Our boys kept me super hot last night, they have taken to lying as close as possible at nigt which can get a bit stifling. At least they are not up in our face. They’ve had a go at some carpet too recently. Little terrors! Still, the cuteness, its soooooooo lovely I can put up with all of it.






here be dragons.. no sorry, falcons.

June 4, 2008

This photo was taken by my good friend and colleague Robin this is why it is not linked to anywhere. Yesterday and also today we have visiting falcons at work. “But I hear you work for an accountancy firm” I hear you say. Well yes I do sorta if you understand the ins and outs of contracting, but this gentleman and his stunning bird are brought in by the company next door to complete a pigeon cull. I’ve been told there will be two birds about today, and I’ve not brought my camera. Damn damn damn. At least I have some evidence there are strange birds in the sky today. The pigeons may be for it but it sure upset the black birds in the bushes too. Still my friend Miwa is a bit sad that stumpy her most friendly pigeon is gone.


name that bird

May 14, 2008

I think its a cormorant, not a pant or ant or plant. In flight at such hight, soaring through skies of blue.

I know what this is… He’s a mighty pleasant pheasant, not a peasant but omipresent.

Oh admiral you flutter by teasing us, catching our eyes. You appear battered but I’m quite flattered that you took some time so I could create a rhyme just for you, even though you eat poo.

I think you can all see now why I’m not a poet. See flickr for more delights of our sunday walk 🙂


happy cats

March 31, 2008

Jasper is all well and happy. He’s bouncy and more lively although still a barrel compared to his brother. We can tell just by the way he acts that he’s happy and has cheered up and feels much better. He makes the cutest noises on the planet when he comes to see you, purring and meowing at the same time to make a burble. Which is why I nearly re-named him burble the furball.

The most common looks he has at the moment are…. “who me?” which is always slightly shocked and “yup, I took in none of that” read that as vacant and “oohh toy!” which includes whiskers forward. Jasper is not one to ever be shouted at. A sensitive soul with a very romantic side, he seems very loyal and will happily sit on you or with you, which ever you choose.

Otis however is now feeling the same as Jasper did about 3 weeks ago. He often waits for me to be at the litter tray and cleaning it for him to go. Not always the most fun but at least I know he’s got an upset stomach because I get to hear and smell it, even if he does bury it. His eyelids are over a little and he’s no where near as in your face as he was. Instead he walks around like a little yoda with a grumpy face.

Otis’s most common looks at the moment include: “old man face” usually when contented and being stroked, “I’m gonna gettcha” when attacking anything. Especially our legs in bed and finally “mow want!” which is normally for food or water or anything he desperately wants now. This comes with some very vocal meows and he’s very easy to understand exactly what he wants because he makes it abundantly clear. Sometimes to the point of saying hello! silly human! I’m talking to you! Otis is just a straight forward cat who will let you know what and when, there is no why.

This is an uber cat post because yesterday I went out to get them fresh food and litter and I decided to get them a water fountain. Its healthier for them and they already love the bubble like cascade in the kitchen. Their water will stay fresher longer and I thought it would stop them drinking so much from my bathroom sink. I really should not have shown them how water comes from a tap.

Then for an extra we spent a couple of hours in our garden yesterday with the cats. They loved it whilst we cleaned up. The sun was out, the wind was blocked by our fence and we played. ahh good times.

I’ve cast on a new silk scarf in lace weight. I’ve only got exactly 400 yards so I’ll see how far it gets me.


and relax for a break…

March 21, 2008

I had Thursday afternoon off work as toil. I’ve built up 18 hours of overtime in just under a week. All last Wednesday and last weekend. I booked both our boys in to the vets because Otis started to look ill and was sneezing and not going to the loo as well as he was. I took samples (poo) and they had blood tests. The vets called me back when the blood tests were done and confimed they both have a parasite infection that is not yet identified, and Jasper has an allergic reaction to something. Probably food but its going to be a while until we can identify that. Thankfully the cats protection league where we got our cats from over a month ago paid this vets bill. It was very kind of them to assist, and I did feel like that they might be slightly responsible as Erasmus never had a parasite.

I’m glad we’ve got some time at home with them. As they are both feeling rough now and Jasper is still no better, we’ve had a few little “accidents” to deal with like 6am on Thursday morning… on the bed sheets. urgh.

So anyway at least we are getting close to getting it all sorted out and we have a good chance at getting them both better. Today I have fully cleaned down by their litter trays. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed the floor and walls and trays and the bathroom where we flush the litter. They have managed to make splatter marks up to waist hight.. I’m impressed, and I also have to re-paint at some point because washing the doors and skirting were fine but the matte paint on the walls has been completely eaten into. Now I believe after this week I could handle kids. Cant be any more messy than this can it?;)

IF we can brace the harsh weather tomorrow we may head in to town shopping. I’ve managed to turn the heels that were bugging me and I’ve stumbled on a hole free curved pocket heel that looks just yummy and sucks on to your heel in perfect curvature. Now if only I can get around to writing it down.

Sunday I hope we can head out to my brothers house for a proper Easter family get together. I cant wait.



February 13, 2008

did someone start today without warning me? I just cant seem to get out of that yawny tired bit of today.

Anyway last night our boys were good. Although this morning we had the same poo litter situation again of using the door mat instead of the litter tray so I have done my best to resolve it:

Insert some pipe lagging rubber, give them two trays and hope that they have got the hint. Thats our back door to our very small garden and does not get used much in the winter. Come the summer we can move the trays asside whilst we nip out for a bit of sun shine and a bbq.

I’ve uploaded a load of photos from the weekend onwards. The play in the woods on Saturday:

Spot the Scotty hiding.

Then a few plant photos in the sunshine, some knitting stuff I just did not get around to photographing before and yes some more photos of our cats.

So scoot, get on over to flickr and oggle at my wonderful photography skills, or not. Its up to you. I’m too tired to be worried about it.


poo damn blast and other similar words of smite

January 28, 2008

yet again. I made something for myself and ruined it. Well not completely ruined just shrunk my cable heart cascade socks. They say on the ball band, machine washable at 30. I forgot to change the machine setting, now I have socks still. They are still very beautiful but now they will not fit me. I’m a UK size 6/7 now they will fit a UK 4/5. They look stunning felted, they are thick and toasty and like bed socks now. Just they dont fit me. Boo! Wail! le grand annoyance.

So I suppose they are up for dibbs*… I’m wondering if it should be friend, family, or random commenter. Just to prove I never fully got around to writing out the whole pattern Cable heart cascade chart. Go knock yourselves out, I’m sure you can all make ones even nicer than I did.

lets have one last look at those socks before they turned in to felted bed socks for small people…

Now you can see why I’m not promising myself any knitting for my own wedding. It would be disastrous.

*shout loud and proud. do you want them? tell me why..