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hello you! long time no see.

December 5, 2008

Time flies when you’re busy.

I did not make knit club but I am working hard on Dad’s scarf. It is taking an age but it will look stunning when finished.

life is good, work, well I cant go in to it. Its a lovely job most of the time and I do like working hard when I need to. There is a small issue of “process” and “procedure” and finally “policy” which of course I cannot discuss. Lets just at least say its become a trying situation where even following the rules makes life difficult. It will all blow over but not without much in team grumbling and lots of email writing and feedback to all concerned. Let the typing commence, I will make sure I’m always honest and true and supportive of my colleagues and the companies I work for and are contracted to. Here’s hoping that it is enough to keep things as they should be, positive and achieving the right results for all concerned.

So on to good things. I’ve got the sewing machines going. Its been lovely, lots of fun. I started off making a skirt and I think I failed at that and accidentally cut it too short. Ah well. It was scraps in the first place and I don’t feel like I’ve wasted anything. It was a great learning curve to do it all on my own with no support. I even fitted a zip. It gave me lots of practice at using the sewing machine and over locker. I even took some photos of progress. When I gave up on the skirt I started on making a handbag from mum’s old waterproof coat. This way I could use all the pockets and save seating zips and making all my own which would take hours. I ripped up the coat down the seams and cut out the peices around the zips.

A friend of mine has spent some time recently describing a visualization issue he suffers with. A very strange issue that causes him to be unable to see things correctly in his minds eye. Sewing requires you to be able to see ahead and be able to understand construction and how it all goes together before its together. This is part of the reason I love crafting because the things that I dream of come out in my hands, almost how I want them. Knitting is the same, and felting. I think it would be a good study of how to increase internal visualization of items if a craft is picked up.

Anyway, the bag is half done. I love it. It needs straps and catches and all that, most of which can still be harvested from the bits of the coat I have not used yet. I want to finish it but I’m already using the bag to carry my knitting around and protect it. It is no where near perfect, but I’m still learning and practicing basic techniques. I’m surprised how well this item sits together considering most bits are not quite the right size and they are fudged together. I still love it though.


lovely lovely days off

July 25, 2007

Yesterday was spent at home. I made sure all the washing was done and sat around wanting to be productive. I took the plunge and knowing I’ve not got the best sewing skills in the world I took my dress making scissors to my most expensive silk sari. Now it sounds rash, but it sat there for many a year gathering dust and an initial pay out of £50 was quite a bargain in the UK for 5 metres of strong rose pink heavy silk with silver border. I was scared to cut it before but using it was better than it just gathering dust.

I cut 4 peices of Isosceles trapezoid (think whole leg length) to sew together and cut off the top edge which had all the detail. It turned it in to a wrap skirt, and I used the rest of the silver edging for a wide waist band. Now even I’m in awe of how nice it has turned out. There are issues with it because I don’t have an over locker I had to double sew all the seams to fold in all the fraying edges. They wont come out now. Its not pretty on the inside but nobody sees the inside. I used the bottom hem of the sari to use as the bottom hem of the skirt saving me several hours of sewing. I’m so happy with the result I wore it to work today. I’ve had lots of lovely comments about it, but mostly its because the silk is something increadably special that it came out nice. Its one thing I don’t want to repeat though because silk shifts teribly when sewing it. Thank goodness mum gave me a good tip years ago to help it all work; Iron it first, iron in all your creases and folds then it will hold.

I suppose now you need a photo to prove it. I’ll get Scotty to take some when I get home from work and I’ll update this post.(edit) we have photos!

In other news I knitted some more bayerische. They are deffo mits now and not socks, and looking mighty fine too!

shame about the stabby bits…

Oh and anyone want to pull some skin off me? the backs of my shoulders are peeling where I didn’t have coverage. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling off a sheet of skin, or squeezing spots. I’m fussy which spots I do squeeze but damn they are fun.

One last thing, I LOVE our cat. He was so pleased to see us when we got back. Last night after spending the day with him he decided at bed time he would tell us a story and would not stop squeaking, not meowing. Little squeaks all punctuated and almost like propper words. He was sad as I left this morning and I just wish we could take him to work with us. He would make the best office cat ever.