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nano nano nano nano nano *parka-batman*

September 18, 2007

ok so I thought after doing sooooo much overtime and stuff I deserved a treat. although it ended up as 2 or 3 treats, but you know. I deserve a break from it all sometimes.

1, posh yarn arrived. it is beautiful. I’ve left it at home and brought the camera to work so sorry, no yarn porn today. Alhtough I do need to double check and update ravelry, my stash is out of date and needs to be corrected. Then I need my hands tied behind my back so I cant buy any more yarn.

2, I bought a new ipod nano. I canot extol its vertues enough. I love it, its my new best friend and so wonderful. I will knit a cozy for it at some point but right now I have to tuck it in my bra to make sure I don’t let it hang loose when listening to pod casts etc. I’m amazed at the quality on screen and the small file sizes for the video. I can fit on the entire series of heroes and a couple of films and still have room for a few mini vids of erasmus playing and a few tunes and a few podcasts. 8Gig is just LOVELY.

3, Did I mention I’d finished the Bayerishce mitts? I’ve woven in the ends. I can see where I’ve made mistakes and they are not quite the same but still overall they are a great work and I’ve proven I can stick with cables even when they make my knuckles turn in directions I never thought possible. I’m not sure I ever want to do 2mm cabling again that was a bit mental.

  Please click the image to see the other two pics.