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today we have

February 22, 2008

cats in bag

Scotty bought himself a play station 3 for his birthday.  This is the bag it came in. Quite large. Hopefully you can get an idea at the size of our boys.. they are huge for only 10 months old.

No knitting achieved, nothing but rest when not at work. Although I do feel almost well again now. I’m off to play with my kitties.


lazy days

October 26, 2007

Hopefully you can all see the embedded video and see I am fiddling there with our cats’ faulty back leg. As you hopefully can see he’s not lifting it properly so now he walks funny. Not too much of a problem but for now until he’s very comfortable with his walking I’m not letting him any where near the stairs. Last night was his first night out of the cage which meant less moaning. But of course now he wants more and was moaning to be let out in to the hall way this morning. I’ve given him the hard talk and its all gone in one ear and out the other with a lot of back chat. The essence that is the personality is totally there and back with a vengeance. He’s very much on the mend, its all down to him to stop being so stubborn and try to keep working his leg.

Yesterday was great. My brother popped over with the twins. We left Erasmus for a couple of hours whilst we went a long walk down town. The weather was good enough to walk in but not good enough to take photos. At 21 ish months they were great around erasmus and he was wondering between them sniffing them. They were both very very gentle with him. He even sat and ate yogurt near the twins whilst they had a picnic on my lounge carpet.

Lazy days are not that lazy. I’m knitting my mum a hat which is just about 30% done. I cooked up a storm yesterday, cleaned the kitchen. Did several loads of washing and swept up.

I cooked apple and almond cake which was a success.

Also a vegan friendly soup if you change the falafel.

take 1 large sweet potato
2 parsnips
1 red onion.
chop all, the onion quite fine.
heat tablespoon of olive oil in a pan.. Throw in veg
add 1/4 tsp of mustard powder and turmeric powder.
Stir thoroughly until all veg are coated with oil and spices. before it starts burning and as the onions start to wilt, add enough water to completely cover the veg.
Place on lid and stir occasionally until veg are soft and will squish with the spoon.
Take off heat and blend, leave to cool a little if it will splash you. Add S&P to taste.
I had some cauldron feta and mint falafel which were great floated in the middle. With a side of Irish bread.
If its too thick for you, just add more water.

Today we have a nurse visit at the vets which will hopefully be quite a lot cheaper than before.


confessions of a closet knitter

October 2, 2007

My socks are already at the crucial heel part. I need to rip something out (that shawl I’ve tried for the 5th time), I have new skeins of yarn which I have not blogged and all of this has not been updated on ravelry. Now I do love sharing these things but it means admitting that I’ve started something. Also admitting that I’ve got more stash than I need. Even moreso it points out that I’m probably going to have to rip something out again. There is something hidden about publishing items that I’m creating that telling you about them then jinxes the item in to a backward spiral to nothing.

Confession time. I’m using up the orange yarn I have, practicing for more professional socks once I have the pattern and design down. Yet again I’ve tried to follow patterns but for what I want to achieve I am squishing several patterns together to achieve perfect sockdom. I know I’m not that experienced but this is how I learn best, trying and testing techniques until I have one down that achieves the desired look and feel. So far I LOVE the toe, and gusset. I need to tackle the heels but for now I’ll add some details as to where I’ve pulled my toe technique.

Firstly I started with a: Single Cast-On aka Backward-Loop Cast-On
what they say is: Easiest method to learn, but tricky to knit from evenly. listed on
I casted on 15 stitches for each sock then pushed them off the back of the circular needle on to the wire. The issue with this is to do one toe at a time because you need to hold on to the loops, save them falling off the needle and tangling. Then I knitted back across the stitches to make them solid. For this I knit first stitch in to back of loop then k across. k in to back of 2nd to last loop and drop the original cast on knot loop. Once these stitches are on the wire rather than the needle, take up the 2nd circular needle and pick up the draping loops and knit those on the new needle.

This does work great but for some silly reason on my first attempt I have managed to make toes that are an odd number of stitches on the base and even on the top. 33 and 34. Also not a congruent size with any pattern out there. I can see a rod coming and its going to be strapped to my back shortly.

To make the extra stitches in the toe on every other row, of course this is all now in the round and every other row is increased after the first stitch which is twisted and just before the last stitch that is twisted. This is for both sides of the sock. Here is an example of the increases I made. found on knitting help I also found that lifting stitches like this works one way to hide and be perfectly hole-less. There is an alternative for the other side of the sock that works the same but the twist has to be in the opposite direction. The opposite increase can also be found on the same knitting help page.

Here is a fine example of sock instructions on how to do the toe up loop on method:  The instructions are broken down in to reasonable parts and each page takes you through the next stage of a toe up sock.

Yarnissima, and Wendy have also been my saviours for sock ideas and understanding. They are both EXTREMELY talented knitters and well worth listening to. Some of their stunning designs can be found free of charge at The Loopy Ewe

One tool I cannot do without is the fantastic and well written tech knitting blog. Where they also have instructions for  casting on by looping and many many more fantastic techniques. I’m in awe at how knitting has been deconstructed here and made simple to understand what each stitch type does and how it relates with others.

I found a blog that does video blogging for those who love visual instruction. well worth a look. I would love to do something like this but I know they are way better than I could ever produce.

Anyway enough knitting for now, I need to go practice some heel types on some spare yarn before I dare commit to my new socks. Maybe even take photos… Shock horror I may even get something up on ravelry! go on, add me as a friend 😉



September 26, 2007

ok the plan was to get some nice video done, chop it up and post it out there. But on my search to find other materials that have done similar I came across better people than I that have done what I was going to do. IF I get around to improving on my work so far, I need an angle, a way to be different from what is out there already or the idea will not take off and I’m just adding more bumf to the Internet with no decent purpose. Then I started pulling apart the work I did so far and

1, its fuzzy, the yarn and needles are too small to show technique

2, no sound because I’ve not scripted or done anything to make it clear.

3, I need a dark background and a hat with a web cam and torch in it.

4, I keep my thumb in front of the stitches on the left needle WAY too much.

5, a decent microphone because nearly all the stuff out there already has TERRIBLE sound. It is understandable JUST but trying to listen to an American accent that’s drowned by bad encoding makes watching knitting videos almost impossible to concentrate on and therefore less watchable.

Overall I’m glad I tried the experiment. Best of all would be a monthly or weekly video knitting pod cast but so far I’ve found someone else who already does that, way better than I ever could. I don’t want my face or voice on camera, just my hands because I’ve come to the conclusion before I don’t want to be famous, I just want to help people. This is going to take a lot more thinking about before I do anything else with it. More prep, more ideas, more time. What I do want to do now is link all the stuff from here that would be useful to others. Hopefully that will be my next post.


I’m editing videos

September 23, 2007

and uploading to google video. this is because its super easy to download for ipod format. They have no sound but they are useful. At some point I’ll do a post for each.


oh yeah, they’re knitting instructions.