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yesterday…. and my wedding day.

September 23, 2008

as in the real yesterday I was feeling down when I started work. I honestly did not know what good I could be to anyone. Because of this I knew I needed something to cheer me up. Plus now I don’t need waist length hair I booked myself in for a haircut. It was well worth it and has left me much happier and feeling more like Mrs M and less like Miss T. It is amazing how much a simple thing like a haircut can spruce up your feelings.

So yes, I suppose now it is on to the most important day of my life so far. I’ve been wanting to blog this for over a month now and yes, we’ve already reached our 1 month moniversary (?). Date wise, that is today. Week wise it was on Saturday. Now appears to be the best time to do it. I’m going to wibble on about the finer points of the day for ages. If you cant take that much text the link to the photos of the day will be at the bottom. I’ve collated them all in to one big album.

I do not have any images of me getting ready. It was not one of those sorts of weddings. I wish I could have had my family around me to get ready for the whole morning but it was not meant to be like that for me. Firstly I stayed home the night before the wedding. I wanted to make sure I slept well and no silly little superstitions were going to stop me having my own bed and my husband to be at my side. We woke early and snuggled for a bit, realising this was the day. We had a long holiday in front of us and a great big party to look forward to. As I stepped out of the house I decided from here on in there would be no stress, there was no point stressing and being happy with what I had was what I was here for.

I drove up to the office car park and made my way to my hairdresser in town. Emilia is her name, Polish in origin and very lovely and pretty woman. A touch on the wild side but mighty entertaining. The issue was this very morning she was very very hungover. She was late. This did put me on the back foot for a moment but when she was there she was very good. Emilia did go to throw up once because of her very hefty hangover but still managed to finish my hair before I was due at my next appointment. Wishing me all the best she dashed back off to the bathroom and a large glass of water.

As I was back early I got the car back in the garage and shouted up to Scott to see if he had time to sit down with a cup of tea with me before my nails and makeup. I felt very odd with my hair up and nothing else done. Luckily Scotty does not hold with traditions either and was happy to have a cuppa. He was rattling around the house on his own waiting for his brother anyway.

I walked around to my local beauty parlour which appear to be everywhere in a city like Norwich. The ladies there had seen me last Thursday and were super excited for me and built up the mood nicely. Between having my nails and makeup done they commented that the hair was fab and enjoyed going through my photos of my cats and family on the iphone. I’ve found the phone invaluable for holding photos since. After that it was almost 1pm I walked back home where my friend Di was waiting with stuff in her car. We picked up the flowers and everything else I needed and headed on to Dragon Hall.

When we got to Dragon hall I assisted setting up the flowers so that Di could copy and make all the small vases. I headed to the “event room” which was my private room for the evening. Everyone was getting things ready and it was all coming together better than I could have hoped for. My family turned up in stages, my sister first to assist with getting me dressed and ready. She also helped me put together my bouquet which was freesias in the middle with eucalyptus surrounding and around that my 6 felted tulips. Mum came in next and joined in with us watching as I got ready. The closer it got to 3pm the more I needed some lunch! finally my sister in-law turned up with a sandwich. I downed it and was then able to get my dress on. Di left and texted me she was all done, My family were here and it was all about to happen.

The bridesmaids all looked beautiful and they all had their felted flower each. I was amazed how much they all matched each other. Considering I’d given almost no instructions to both sides of the family just to get the girls dresses. Neither sides of the family speaking to arrange anything. They all matched in such a lovely gentle way we could not have planned better. My most heartfelt thanks to the girls mums for sorting all that out for me.

The rest of the day is almost a blur now. I do remember lots of small bits but not as detailed as before. I had to wait in the shop for a couple of minutes whilst being asked the questions like, how old is Scotty? can you confirm your name, age and foot size, well alright not really the last one but they were making sure we were who we said we were. The registrars were great. Very gentle and supportive throughout the ceremony. I was told it was time and apart from trying to send in all the bridesmaids before me dad then trod on my train and because my dress was poppered in to place several of the poppers popped. I spent most of the day popping in and out of place. It added to the fun. When I saw scotty all my happiness bubbled up and I was starting to get a bit shaky. I held it together, I wanted to say fancy meeting you here but it was so inappropriate. He looked stunning and very dashing. We recited our own ring words and I stumbled a little but they could be heard by all our close friends and family and loved by all.

We signed the register, got our certificate and moved down stairs to get a glass of champagne, well of cheap bubbly because I was not going to spend that much. By this point I got a chance to speak to my family and Scotty’s family and our close friends. It was lovely to see some of them because of distance and time many of them have been in minimal contact for some time. Around 6 Andy turned up with his drums for the kids. This went down an absolute storm and ALL the kids young and old enjoyed drumming, it went on most of the evening. The food was served around 6 too. This was also extremely tasty but I’m not sure if it was nerves or the tight corset or just because, I found it hard to eat anything even though I did try. More friends turned up, although not the numbers I expected. There were a lot of people who ducked out at the last minute, it did not worry me because those I wanted and needed close for the wedding were already there.

My best friend from college age Eve promised to make the cake. It was impressive, beautiful and just so very me and Scotty. Eve has known me for a lot of years and the description of 3 layers with descending blue shades to match the invites and cascading simple flower shapes in shades of blue from a few on the top to lots at the bottom as if they had been sprinkled. Also the cake was divine, I don’t normally like fruit cake but the fruit two layers and the top lemon sponge for the kids were all perfect.

Now all this sounds so sickly sweet and idyllic, in many ways it was but it was also because my close family knew that mum was fading fast. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying everyone elses company and taking a chance to interact and share. Although looking stunning and behaving almost as if nothing was wrong mum needed a wheel chair for the first time. When my family all decided to leave around 9 ish I tried talking to mum other than the pleasantries and group conversations earlier. It was not to be, Mum said one last thing to me. “Don’t worry, please go and enjoy yourself and I’ll be here when you get back” and with that she was whisked away to take some rest as the meds were kicking in.

From this point on, just about all the family evacuated in one big swoop leaving “us kids” which quite funnily was the adults too without kids or parents or grandparents to look after, to partay the night away. The disco was in full swing although not many were dancing. Thanks go to Edd who performed so very well for us and was the perfect disco host accepting all requests. We had our first dance which was Al Green lets stay together. Very romantic. Not long after I was starting to fade and the realisation that I was probably not digesting what little food I had eaten (and had a fair few glasses of wine with lemonade), seen everyone I love all in one place just for me and Scotty.

I retreated to the main hall and sat at a table holding court in Dragon Hall, dressed in my finest like a lady of high class I had friends all around taking in turns to chat about everything and I tried to explain why I was becoming drained. Then it dawned on me. I just made one of the best days of my mum’s life. People told me she was proud of me and that I had achieved everything and more I could have hoped for in a happy day.

Still I’ve had no chance to mention all the other people that helped make it a great day. we were escorted by friends to our home happy knowing that we got our fairytale wedding.

From My Wedding

Oh yeah… and that WAS all my own hair.


Friday night hen night.

September 11, 2008

Friday 15th August

I was at work, got changed in the ladies. Later found out that the ladies had placed flowers in the other bathroom Doh! It was all a big surprise nobody let on at all what they were going to do. We went down to Roccos on prince of wales road. We supped from pitchers of pimms. There were around 15 of us. Some left and my family turned up, just my sister and sister in-law. After we drained 3 or was it 4 pitchers between us all we walked down to the river. By this point someone had mentioned boat and Thai and we ended up in Thai on the river floating boat restaurant. The most perfect thing was just behind where I was sitting I could see the back of Dragon hall where I will be getting married. The food was delicious. The company was great and everyone enjoyed it. As the meal was winding down most people had things they needed to do, kids and family to get back to. I checked with Becky and Tommy is better than expected healing well. The stitches have done wonders.

Once we all disembarked the very steady but wonky staired boat, there were just 3 of us left. Me, Di and Allison a lovely secretary in our office. We went as far as the cash machine to top up ready to hit the town and we were “chatted up” by a rather inebriated sort and it put me right off going to a club and standing around in semi darkness with thumping noise and shouting to be heard. I asked if we could go to my local for last orders and they both agreed that it was a great idea.

We grabbed a taxi back on riverside and made it just in time to get in a peach beer. Walked in to the back garden to find a house warming party of men dressed as ladies. I say men, but when we enquired as to why they looked like teenagers they all said they were under 25 but over 18. They were all wearing mostly skimpy dresses and we were introduced to them by one wearing probably the most covering and more becoming underwear lifted his leg on the table to ask if we had a light. His dress hitched up and all I remember was the shape of the hammocked package looming underneath the dress. I was left lost for words and giggling. When later we noticed most of his friends were wearing G-strings and thongs we were much happier having the first bloke greet us in this way and not them. As it was staggering distance to my front door, Allison and Di called their men and let them know to pick them up etc, they both came back for a cup of tea and a stroke of the cats. Now that is what I call a good hen night, by the end of it I was very very happy and not the worse for wear. Although I did spend most of Saturday mooching like I had a hang over, it was not all that bad considering wine with dinner, pimms, beer. thankfully I was far to sensible to head towards any shots and I can remember it all. A very wonderful hen night.


whoosh… all coming round a bit quick

August 14, 2008

Tuesday night was my last dress fitting. Mum and dad picked me up from work and we went over to the dress maker. I think the dress is truley beautiful. Although mum and dad were super tired they still said and looked like they loved the dress.

From here on in I’m not sure if I will be able to blog much at all. I’ll take notes and make sure I add them after the honeymoon but really, blogging is not top of my priority list.

Hopefully tonight I’ll pick up my dress, take it to my friends house for storage until the big day when she will take it to Dragon hall for me. This way I’ve not got it hanging about our house waiting for scotty to take a peek. Lunch time I have to order my flowers ready for next week. Its getting to the stage where we’re washing things ready to pack, looking out forms and documents and arranging all the little bits that we need. I’m so very glad that I’ve decided to spend the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding at home. It may sound strange but I am strongly attached to my pillow, and bed and comfort may just be one of those things that mean I can sleep properly avoiding any melt downs.

Later this evening I will try and make it to knit night and relax before my secret hen party on Friday night. Then I only have 3 days left of work next week before I get time off to complete everything. I feel like i’ve been saying we’re getting there for months now. Its still the case and I’m sure it will all be sorted just how it should be. I wont be able to make it to next Thursday’s knit night because the inlaws will be in town and Scotty has his stag doo.

I started a pair of socks for Scotty, He loves the very simple knit purl 3 x 3 square pattern I’ve added to the top of the foot. They are just getting to the part before gusset increase. I’ve not knit for a couple of nights because I asked him if he wanted to wear them on his wedding day. He said no because they are grey and not black. I fully understand and it takes the pressure off a little so I don’t have to get them done and I don’t intend on completing them either.

So yeah… see you some time in about a month, this way I’m not giving full details out on the net about when I’m going to be at home and not. I’m sure anyone with enough want and need to go and raid our house can figure it out, as well as where we live and what they can scope out, but I don’t want to give out ammo by saying I’m here or not here. We will have people checking on our house to make sure whilst we’re away. You never know I may be able to post again before I’m a Mrs but don’t wait, I’ll be off enjoying myself. I promise.

ps. Otis says mewpurrr, Jasper says burrruip, they will be off on their holidays soon too.


untypical blatherings

August 11, 2008

you can tell our cats are good English boys…. they queue for food. They have been super cute and lovely all weekend. Scotty weighed them both on our very dodgy bathroom scales. You have to weigh yourself first then hold the cat and work out the difference. He said Otis is (EDIT) 5lbs kilos and Jasper is 9lbs kilos. SEE COMMENTS—- CRIKEY.

I’ve got Scotty’s old iphone and we Scotty hacked it for me yesterday afternoon, so now I have a pineapple iphone on virgin. I tested this morning from the office and I can send and receive data. 46p per something, I think its per Kb and 6p per site visit. I need to run some tests on how economical it is. I also found I can use the “free” wireless visitor network of a company next door, but only if I turn towards the window. I loves it, it already has all my calendar, contacts on it. WordPress, facebook and games. I just have to be very careful not to knock the mail icon and connect and download info. I can see me using it rather a lot.

Other news this weekend… Well on Thursday night I missed knit night again but instead cast on for a pair of socks for Scotty. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute… I normally knit a pair of socks in a month, maybe longer. These are the largest socks I have ever knit too, size 10 male. I have less than two weeks left to complete them now and I’ve got about half way up the foot before gusset increases.

Apart from knitting I got the shopping in via a long and misguided stagger around the supermarket and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms like a daemon possessed. Well, I cleaned… and wiped and I’m sure this house gets bigger and dirtier on a daily basis. I hoovered up as much cat fluff as I could and filled the hoover twice.

It was not exactly a very eventful weekend, my dress fitting was canceled until Tuesday. We were due to go to my brothers house for a party but it threw it down with rain on Saturday night and my sofa and a pair of socks were more inviting than the woods and sleeping on the floor in his house. I feel a bit sad that we missed out but due to the docs putting me on the pill (I hate taking the pill or have done in the past but wedding consummation is definitely something I want to do properly if you know what I mean nudge wink) for a while I’ve had some funny head aches and I wanted to make sure that was just a quick blip and not a major problem. Amazingly all headaches have gone on Monday morning. How kind of them to fully explore their headache freedom over the weekend.

Finally I called our wedding planner which came free with Dragon hall today and we appear to be on track. I have a meeting with most of our people who are providing entertainment and or any other service for the day. I’ve mentioned cake knives, serviettes, favours and all of that sort of thing. We are on track for a ruddy great knees up. Woohoo!


getting things done

August 7, 2008

bar, paid for.

dragon hall paid for.

we went to the registrars this morning and paid for our marriage licence. Scotty’s ring turned up in the post this morning and I will see it when I get home from work.

Mum is popping to my work this afternoon, she’s finished my bolero and I cant wait to see it. Monday is the next time I get to sort out some more bits and pieces. I had a dress fitting last night. Its almost done, and looking stunning. I have one more fitting on Saturday. I’ve counted and I only have 9 more working days left. Suddenly its hit me, I can enjoy it now, I’m going to have fun from here on in and stop worrying about it all, its just going to happen and hopefully I’ll have everything sorted out just how I want it. I’m feeling very spoilt and very happy to get everything just the way I want it. I’ve even got helpers organized to assist setting up dragon hall. Scotty has even asked his brother to be best man and he has accepted. I honestly cant think of anything I have not covered so far which is why I’m happy. I like being organized.

Scotty and I worked on our wedding words the other night. I think we have exactly what we want. No readings and no long blatherings, just short and sweet, hopefully just like me! (yeah I accept my shortness, and I will be wearing heels to keep up with my big man.) So for you of a soppy disposition please read on… unless someone finds something horrendously wrong with what we’ve got we’re going with this as our ring words:
Thank you for taking me as I am; loving me, and allowing me into your heart. I promise to always love you, respect you as an individual, and to be faithful to you forever. Today I choose you to be my partner, and join myself with you for the rest of my life.

YAY! I can do it, I can organize my own wedding, and I can achieve what I intended oh so many months back. Now I can enjoy every minute and become the woman I want to be.


where was I?

July 28, 2008

up, down, and round in circles. Super busy and slightly worried. I’ve struggled a little to cope with the current situation. I have achieved lots but I have paid in emotions for it. Firstly wedding things:

The favours arrived Saturday morning. LOVE them. I’ve booked my hair appointment, spoken to the market florist and booked in when I need to go and order and collect flowers. This gives me the most time to get any felted flowers that I want to use sorted. I’ve made felt, started making the flowers, wrapped most of the stems with their first layer of yarn and completed 4 flowers and broke all my current felting needles. I’ve lost my stash of them so I need to get some new ones soon. I’m not wanting to take any photos at the moment. I may fall totally out of love with them and just arrange my own bouquet on the day. I’ve got ribbon to hold it all together and wire. I’ve bought some makeup and am generally getting it all under control. Slowly, carefully and with the least stress possible.

Mum joined me at a dress fitting on Saturday, except I did not try it on because it was chock full of pins, but all cut out in the silk. She loved it, I love it. bla bla *insert several hours about my design and the dress makers ability to bring that out with full detail about the colours and shapes, the drape and cut* Sorry, I also do not feel like spilling the beans on this either. This is because nobody except me, Mum, Dad and my dress maker know exactly what it is going to look like on. I quite like that. I’ve got a good secret and I would like it to be something very very special. Here’s hoping everyone agrees with my mum who said I will look like a princess on my wedding day. Of course its what I always wanted, two other things were said: quirky and its very me. I just hope its as flattering as my heart is set on. I’m aware of my shape and I hope I have done the best with what I have.

Work have been wonderful with the current situation. I need to spend what quality time I have possible left with mum. This also means taking time off that I was not expecting to take. I saw it coming and my state of mind also needed the break required to make sure I was not going to have a nervous break down in work partly due to worry. Anyway, I had last Thursday off as compassionate leave to assist mum. I have to take this Thursday too. I will not know if this is the right thing to do until long after mum is gone, and believe me I have personally questioned every single permutation of what I should do, how I should be doing it and why. I have mentally questioned every step, every choice, and realised that I cant look any further ahead than the next couple of days and definitely not past the wedding itself. Plus as this is now less than a month away I may not be shitting bricks as such but I am suitably edgy.


Things are movnig on.

July 21, 2008

Friday was another day in Cambridge for work. Then back to Norwich for a short stint of out of hours work on Saturday morning. Everything went fine which is a great relief.

After that I met my sister and niece in town. We had a good old stomp around getting dresses sorted for the big day. I love the one my sister has got but she would like something a bit more gown like rather than an evening dress that could be worn for work sort of thing. I’m all for getting the most use out of things. Anyway, it was lovely and I enjoyed it loads except after a few hours my foot started to swell up again. After getting home and letting the kids play on the PS3 for a while my sister left and I got ready to head to the dress maker again.

All is looking very good in that department too. It is all starting to take shape and look very beautiful indeed, even though its all just mocked up in cotton right now. What with the foot pain and running around all day I struggled to stay chirpy and it rather hit me that I want and need my mum there with me for this. I love my ideas but I just want someone Else’s opinion on my dress and the one that counts more than any other for my wedding dress is my mums opinion. I’ve spoken to her about it and we will try and arrange a fitting around her.

Because of the swollen foot and general lack of good quality sleep over the past week I spent Sunday at home trying to achieve something, anything. Eggy bread brioche was a great start, warm, comforting and very tasty. I got out my felting kit and started on my flowers. I now have most of my stems pre-cut. around 1/3 are 1st stage wrapped. 1 is finished and one is near finished. The rest are still wires just dangling about. The good thing is I can weave them all in and out of each other and they will strengthen each other up and provide a handle without any other support. I wish I could explain better or show you but that would spoil the effect on the day. Then I made a Sunday roast with roasted veg and garlic and onions and peppers, mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli. Lashings of gravy and a quorn roast thingy. Heaven.

Finally today I paid off the honeymoon *ouch* and I found the favours which I think are just the right thing for us, and not as expensive as elsewhere I have found them on the net. Seed sticks will hopefully go down well.


another one gone quickly

July 7, 2008

Friday night was FAB. One very nice party, relaxed and very enjoyable. The theme was an Oscars style party with everyone dressed up smart and spangly. I thoroughly enjoyed my self and Scotty looked like he had a good time too. Both of us wore our wedding shoes to test them out and make sure we could stand on them for our wedding. It worked well and we both feel comfortable with them. See flickr for photos of us, they were taken by

Saturday was a day of recovery because we stayed up late. Scotty had a little hang over and I drove because it was easier and cheaper than getting a cab. I had another dress fitting. I’m loving how things are coming along. I feel like we may be a bit behind but it will all come together.

Sunday I was meant to go and see Mum again but with no material to take her and a list as long as my arm with chores and things I needed to get done I canceled. Scotty and I went in to town for lunch, I handed over my engagement ring to the jewelers I bought it from so that it can be cleaned up and made beautiful to match the new wedding ring. Plus the wedding ring can now be sized to match the engagement ring so that they sit flush on my finger. I told them exactly what I want and I have to wait now for a quote. My finger feels so bare! I nevr thought I’d get so very attached to it but now I am without I miss it.

Once we got back I started felting. I made 4 A4 size sheets of felt with varying degrees of success. I think I may have left it a bit late to complete my flowers. I’ll just have to wait and see!

I’m also stuck with a pair of socks after toe completion. I’m loath to follow anyone elses pattern and my pattern making mojo seems to have left me standing. I’m chock full of good ideas but unable to get them in to the fabric of the sock the way I want them. Oh well, they can wait.


what knitting content?

June 27, 2008

ok I’ve been holding back. I’ve not taken nearly enough photos of my knits in progress. I will hopefully rectify that over the weekend. I went to knit night again last night. I stayed till 10pm! That is so late for me on a school night, I’m such a sleepy bear if I’m out past 10pm. No matter, it was enjoyable and much nattering ensued with a start of a new pair of socks. The scarf I was working on for a work friend has been completed and she has taken it from me before I could wash and block it. She loved it just as it was and I just could not hold it from her. She knows it is hand wash and must treat it with care. I will miss the smooshy softness of the silk cashmere posh yarn. I need to get hold of some more but recently it has been too popular to be able to press my buttons quick enough to buy. Plus everyone who knits deserves to have a chance to get hold of some posh, so I wait, miss the sale and kick myself later.

Ah, for those of you who know about our wedding and have a much coveted invite, on the back is a web address. Firstly I added a user name and password to hide the details from the general Internet so that we could make sure nobody uninvited turned up and gate crashed. Scotty has not set up that side of the web site so all user names and passwords can be ignored. The web site however has some info in it now. I’ve added a couple of little snippets of basic information and asked all attending to let me know if they need any more information. Please feel free to visit. I put out the same request here, IF there is ANYTHING at all you want to know about my wedding to Scott Jon Matthews (studlet and general swoonworthy manbeast) Please feel free to ask via comment or email or any other form of communication. All those who got invites also have our phone number, our address and a myriad of ways of getting in contact. I’d also like to hear from anyone who would like to come whom we have missed off our very short list of guests. As we are arranging a 3 stage entrance system I’m sure there is a time and a place for you if you let me know. I just cant be trusted to think of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I’m just not that brainy.

Finally on to Mum, I had a good chat with her this morning and she is a bit better and due for an appointment with a Macmillan nurse. She is fit enough to have a break from Chemotherapy for a while and is able to potter about and sounds better on the phone too but it is still a case of see how things go as the cancer is a triple negative aggressive cancer. Anyway I hope you all have as good a weekend as I am intending on having shopping and seeing my family. See you soon.



June 18, 2008

well I feel a lot better. I still have sore shoulders but what can you do when you spend all day at a desk… I do stretch and go walk about a fair bit. It helps.

I’m trying to get organized and I cant wait for Scotty to buy the new iphone so that I can have his old one. I’m yet to figure out quite which sim to use, to get a new o2 one or try and hack the phone for my virgin sim. Anyways round I’m rather looking forward to having it. I needs it to sort me out. I’ve got accounts coming out of my ears for work and home and I so want to make sure I have everything in one place and an auto calendar to tell me when I need to get things like car tax or renew my web address. The small things that could pass you by or even sneak up on you with a hefty bill if you don’t do them correctly. I’ve found it pays to be planned out. Its not my natural state of being but it helps sooooooo much to make me feel like I am achieving and getting stuff done that needs to be done. I’ve changed my car in sewer ants. (any chance to use a Pratchett joke) and saved myself £100. Although its still £300 but that’s because I moved to a new car this year.

I’m looking forward to Saturday which is my first dress appointment in a long time and also a friends wedding reception. I need a new dress for that too, and for the office summer ball coming up too. I’ve got a feeling that its all going to get busy from here on in. We need to get Scotty a tux… I’ve heard that you can get one for £75 in M&S… Hopefully we’ll hunt for that too!

Plus I’m desperate to see my family, especially my sister. I’ve asked her to be maid of honour and look after me on my wedding day and I’ve not been able to make much time for her and her kids recently. This makes me feel bad. I’m not sure how but I will do something about that too.

Knitting is going fine. I’ve just rested recently as I don’t want another frozen or trapped nerve in my shoulder again any time soon.