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wind up central

December 22, 2008

so, its all a bit, whats the word, saddening.

One of the saddest things happened this week to a friend of mine at work. Her sister of only 25 years old passed away due to a freak accident at a party. My heart goes out to her because she does not deserve to loose her sister. The same week she found out she was pregnant. This is one of a few things that have left a cloud over work like a brooding storm. Also there seems to be far too much bitching going on. Something I try not to get involved in. Except I’m in a position in my office that I hear almost everything and several people consider me a good friend and use me as a confidant. Come the new year this will change. I’m calling a time out on all people telling me what they think of someone else. Within my company and team its fine. Its my local office and staff that seem to have it in for each other. I’m sure it will all iron out but it has made for a pretty uncomfortable situation. No more I say. PLEASE just no more.

On Tuesday night our dishwasher broke. GARGH! how very unfair. It started leaking over the floor. We tidied up and washed up and made a very fast dinner late after cleaning up the mess.

On the good news front I have tied in the ends on Dad’s scarf and it looks frabulous. I’m mighty happy with it and I stuck at what I would consider a difficult pattern for someone I love, which is why it got finished.

Thursday night I went to knitting night. It was great. We all hung out at the knitting shop instead of the forum and I invested in a new set of interchangable circular needles. I tried one last night and the smoothness on these needles are to die for. They make knitting more of a joy than it was before.

I also went to visit my cube mate Sue. She sits next to me in the office but has been off for the best part of two weeks due to a foot operation. I miss her a whole lot. She is a vicars wife but I have never met someone quite as lovely and respectful of everyone. It was good to see her and take her a puzzle book to keep her entertained whilst she’s stuck at home.

Friday was the office Christmas lunch which passed without any major hitches. Food was ok but it was free so no complaints. I won the raffle and got a box of chocolates, my secret Santa was some pasta which was lovely. I bought a vibrating massager for the receptionist I was buying for. It went down very very well indeed. She has a bad neck and shoulders so hopefully it will help her. Also because of her neck and shoulder problem reception has been moved. I came in to work over the weekend and everything was working fine. It looks posh and a vast improvement on what it was.

I went to the veggie shop too and stocked up on all the things we need for Christmas. Even better news, amid housework on Saturday Scotty and I decided to try and fix the dish washer. We struggled to get it out of its position in the fitted kitchen because it had been tiled around instead of underneath it. Once out we tried some caustic soda and slowly pumped that through the exit pipe. It took the best part of two hours to fix but we did it, got it back in place and it all looks just like before! This is a very big achievement for us because we both really do not like DIY. The smugness was abound in our house on Saturday night when we ran the dishwasher back in place and it worked fine.

With all the housework I was wondering around in my slippers because I seem to have pulled something in my foot which hurts most when walking on cold floors. Most of the house is carpeted including the stairs… Can you see whats coming? I slipped down the stairs in my slippers. bounced on my rear down 3 steps and wrenched my shoulder on my right side because I reached out to grab the railing but forgot I had rubber gloves on still so they stuck firm to the rail leaving me hanging by my arm. I got up and got on with things, not even shedding a tear. BUT instead I woke up on Sunday with a bruised backside and a very sore shoulder, and thoroughly shaken up. Sunday was spent on the sofa knitting and doing little bits about the house because I really did not want to beat myself up again!

Only two days left of work to go and I cant wait for this year to be over. I don’t ever remember feeling this way about a year and even though some of the best things have happened this year some of the worst have too. Over christmas lunch some said, oh its going to be worse next year though. I reminded them there are some things they just cant do to you twice. Thank goodness that is the case.

Oh and one final thing, Otis and Jasper LOVED having the dishwasher out of place and had a good wonder around under all the cupboards picking up all the dust and wood shavings that were left there from the builders. Now Jasper has taken to scratching the boards to try and get his access back now we’ve taken it away. He’s also recently taken to scratching to bury Otis’s wet food that he wont eat. I though Otis was the naughty cat but it appears the tables have turned.


are we nearly there yet?

December 15, 2008

Had the yearly, thanks for working with us call and you have….. no extra pay. Fair enough, tough times. I’m just glad I have a job.

Found some cool new puzzles at Strimko. I like them, think like sudoku.

I had a dentist on Friday, I need a new filling. BOO!

I then had my legs waxed and my nails done. Lovely.

ALL of the Christmas presents have arrived. WOO! achievement.

Scotty and I were meant to go out on Saturday to his works party but it was a 50 minute drive each way. Meh we gave it the heave ho and stayed home in the warm.

Which gave me time to finish dad’s scarf. Need to tie in the ends. I’m happy with it now but I did have to completely re-do the cast on edge. It took most of Saturday and Sunday just to knit 6 rows and undo 3. Good thing I know he’s going to like it.

I cant wait for Christmas, I’ve had enough of this year already. It just feels like some things are a bit of an uphill struggle and they don’t look like its going to get any easier. Not all things, just a few niggles.  Work…time…. although It feels like I’ve had the best of 3 weeks of great moods, so hey not all bad.

Roll on the holiday I have 9 days off including weekends and cant wait to have some time.

Our boys kept me super hot last night, they have taken to lying as close as possible at nigt which can get a bit stifling. At least they are not up in our face. They’ve had a go at some carpet too recently. Little terrors! Still, the cuteness, its soooooooo lovely I can put up with all of it.






here be dragons.. no sorry, falcons.

June 4, 2008

This photo was taken by my good friend and colleague Robin this is why it is not linked to anywhere. Yesterday and also today we have visiting falcons at work. “But I hear you work for an accountancy firm” I hear you say. Well yes I do sorta if you understand the ins and outs of contracting, but this gentleman and his stunning bird are brought in by the company next door to complete a pigeon cull. I’ve been told there will be two birds about today, and I’ve not brought my camera. Damn damn damn. At least I have some evidence there are strange birds in the sky today. The pigeons may be for it but it sure upset the black birds in the bushes too. Still my friend Miwa is a bit sad that stumpy her most friendly pigeon is gone.


family fun

June 2, 2008

Saturday we went to see my parents, took a walk on the sea front and sat for a good hour in the sunshine in my parents garden. I am slightly worried about my mum at the moment but I dont feel that this is the best place to discuss it right now. I still think she’s trying too hard with the new house. Anyway from visiting them we went over to my brothers house and had a bbq. The kids were so cute and lovely. I had a beer, just the one, so we stayed over night and came back in the morning. I never drink and drive even if I am under the limit

Sunday was sleepy but that is also not surprising as the anex is comfortable at my brothers place but I never sleep well away from my own bed. Today I went back to work and got in to find a packet of malteasers on my desk. Someone said thank you for helping them. It made me so very happy, just for doing my job.

Then because I was off on Friday there was a blue screened PC waiting for me. I managed to fix that fine by replacing a hard disk except this one thing. My customer had not backed up for about a week and had some very important data. I never saw someone so upset. I gave her a hug as we left work. I just hope I can recover her data, this girl is very lovely and does not deserve to cry because she lost her work due to sheer bad luck. What an emotional roller coaster of a day!


why all the quiet?

April 28, 2008

Dunno if you noticed.. I just did not blog there for a whole week. I had lots of reasons, some I want to go in to detail and cant and others are just the usual.

Firstly I had a few “issues” with a work colleague, I was treated in a way that was what I thought condescending and rude and generally talked down to like a child. This was after a couple of tough days running around helping out where I don’t have to assisting this person, but I choose to, to make things easier for others.

I was short on temper due to PMT but aside to that I felt miss-treated by one person and one person alone. I have since avoided dealing with that person. I am polite, positive and helpful still, but I do keep my distance and I have taken to not even making a conversation if small talk can brush it over until I can walk away. I would like to point out right now, this is of no reflection on the companies I work for or any other staff. This one person has managed to be offensive to several people in one week and therefore it will be dealt with through the correct and proper channels.

Working hard to avoid people meant I spent most of my week staring at the screen feeling like nobody wanted to talk to me. Its true I’m in a service role so that people tend only to approach me when they want or need something. Sometimes this is great but when I’m struggling for standard work I go and visit people and chat. Assist where possible and fill in my time sheet accordingly. Its nice that way, except avoiding people makes it awkward. I totally took the situation personally. I try not to do that, I ended up depressed thinking I’m struggling to do my job and help and getting no support in return, it was a one way street. Still I swear they are completely unable to see this, its like a blind spot that makes them completely self absorbed.

Of course this is not all true, its just the fact that even if I have made one or two small mistakes I recognise them and apologise for them whilst realising, no the actual issue is not my fault. I back out, run away and refuse to deal with my frustration and therefore hate myself for it. This one person I’ve worked with for 7 years is someone I cared enough to knit something for, since then I’ve not had the photos promised, I’ve not had any thanks returned and instead snappy snide and generally a forceful snooty and short attitude aimed at me. Why? because I apologised for something I was trying to do to help and that person has some issues that she has not talked to me about. I’m amazed at how much it did upset me, I agree I may still have some fault but at least I apologised for any of my behaviour, instantly, frequently and unassumingly. I think I’m just sad that I expected the same of someone I thought I could respect. I made a lot of effort to become a friend and had it all thrown right back at me. Maybe I’m still taking it all to personal but its going to take a whole lot of effort on that persons part for me ever to want to help her again. I’ll offer, be polite, and supportive, but in my heart… no love, no care and no respect. Sad times.

So ok that’s very depressing. I struggled there for a bit. Hay fever is also kicking in strong.

Friday night was good, we popped over to my brothers house just before he went on holiday, took a chinese so that they did not have to cook.

Scotty being the wonderful man that he is dragged me in to the city on Saturday morning. He bought new clothes and I bought new sunglasses, which also mean being out in the hay fevery stuff is easier for me. I also took a walk to the market and got some sock yarn, trekking XXL. I cast on when I got home, this cheered me and whilst Scotty spent all yesterday fending off what appeared to be a migraine I knitted until my fingers could knit no more. I may not have seen daylight apart from behind a window, still, I got to sit around and knit and that’s good for the soul, good for calming and relaxing and forgetting anything that could upset you.

now I feel bad for blogging all of this. I’m not sure its quite safe as fodder for the internet… damn it, I’ll leave it up. Sometimes its good to get it out in the open. Then if I’m really honest the house is a mess, I’ve not got around to cleaning it. I feel like a mess and I desperately need a haircut. Hate myself? yes, depressed? yes. Got ways to get over it? YES! Only because I have a loving family, a loving husband to be and two cats who will come and hug me.


tired but ready

March 18, 2008

I wracked up 15 hours of overtime at the weekend in the end. I get most as payment and some as toil. I’m still tired and work is major busy with other things on too.

I’ve booked both our cats in to the vets on Thursday afternoon I must take samples, I’m not looking forward to that. Knitting is still going back and forth on the heel of two socks.

I have added Jasper and Otis to catbook on facebook and taken Erasmus down. I could not find another way to mark him as gone. Bit of a shame…

Hopefully this weekend will contain, lots of time off, parents, flower making, knitting, wedding invite making and cooking and cleaning and playing with our cats 🙂


when you stop

March 15, 2008

how do you start writing again.

Erasmus came home he’s beautiful. His box is currently in the window where he liked sitting. We’re going to scatter him some day soon.

I worked hard lots and covered Wednesday night for a budget event. All went well there.

I was waiting until this weekend to make an update because we were having a outage in my office which I have to cover. So far it has been the worst situation I have ever had to deal with. Thats not saying much really, I’ve had it very easy in my time. This time I’m still at work at 8.30 on a Saturday night waiting for phone calls. I didn’t sleep well last night because I knew I had to be up and at work by 7.30 am. I’m exhausted and struggling to see any good in anything right now.

The all important Jasper poo update now, skip to the next para this if you don’t want to see it. He’s still runny.. Although happier and more bouncy and jumpy than before. He’s taking the meds well but he was caught short on the bed this morning and left some prints behind him. Then some on the carpet…

Otis does not change. He’s a bundle of joy or terror. One or the other and no inbetween, got to love him.

My socks for me are at heel turn. I’ve gone a little crasy and moved the heel increases from the sides of the foot to the base. Now I’m a litte stuck as to how to go forward.

HOPEFULLY all going well tonight. (tries to hide sinicism but fails) We hope to go and see mum and dad tomorrow and help them with some lifting.

phew home now at 9pm….


Got to love family sundays

February 26, 2008

This post should have been written on Sunday evening. Now I can hardly remember half of what went on. Plus FAR FAR too much has happened since.

SO anyway Sunday we went off to my parents up on the coast. We had a lovely day. Took the kids all down to the sea front to play on the two pence machines with all the spare change we’d gathered from the house. I think it was over £10 but its not missed because it was all gathered change and everyone enjoyed themselves, still cheaper than buying everyone icecreams. Lunch was delicious and mum cooked up a storm for everyone. The entire clan turned up so there were 15 round the table. Thing is, this is probably the last time we do that for a while because mum has to go back to chemotherapy tomorrow. boo!

I also got back home on Sunday night in time to purchase some yarn from posh yarn. I LOVE her stuff. It is quite fabulous and I can recommend it to any knitter. She mainly does sales on Sunday nights, so get in now if there is anything left because there wont be an update next week.

Saturday I nipped to the shops and bought Gran a hyacinth. She loved it. I also found some “worlds best cat litter” which is bio degradable and flush-able! wow, it really works. I’m just trying to get our boys used to it. They are settling down well now and I think they are happy here in their new home.

Monday I got up early because I remembered I had to go to cover the Cambridge office whilst my colleague took a well earned day off for his birthday. This was something I don’t mind doing but there were quite a few issues.

1, it took me 2 hours to get there. 2, I did a LOT of work 3, by the end of the day I was exhausted and tired because I woke up far too early for me plus all the driving hurt my back and shoulders.

Because of those points I drove my little Honda jazz directly to the Honda dealers when I got back to Norwich and asked what they could do for me. I looked at a few cars, fobbed them off for a bit and asked for them to find me a better price. After going home and checking with Scotty, today I have been called back with a more suitable figure and I’ve paid a deposit on a new car. All a bit fast for me but I’d rather be comfortable with a new car than struggle with that trip to Cambridge again. I’m very very excited because now we will be getting a proper sporty Honda Civic. Not the top of the range but just enough that we can afford it. Driving comfort here we come!

So yeah, lots happening and no knitting, boo! Its not that I don’t want to, its time to do it, clean, tidy, cook, eat, look after the cats, sleep and work, organisation and bills are all getting in the way. Hopefully this weekend I can knuckle down to it and finish off a few things.

Looks like its all a bit expensive. It is, what with payments towards the wedding, the car, not having paid the vet yet for Erasmus and then yarn on top. I think I’m going to have to cut up all my plastic as soon as I get all my bills up to date 🙂 good thing I’ve got savings, although they wont last for ever its nice to spend sometimes. At least I feel like all of these things are going to make life better in the long run.


in which jiva achieves but also rants

January 17, 2008

yeah I’ve been doing stuff. I just feel that I’m updating for the sake of it or I’ve done too much and cant remember it. SO here is a sorry attempt at keeping you up to date. If you like rants skip to the last paragraph, if you dont, skip that instead.

My brothers’ birthday present and twins presents are sorted. yay!

Entertainment for our wedding is under progress. I’ve found a corsetiere in Norwich that looks great, and hopefully even though I’ve booked another appointment in London, will save me lots of extra travel and cost. I’ve started a small wedding note book. Just a pain old wire bound note book with Clare 4 Scotty written on the front. I’ve stapled and sellotaped things inside it like my dress silk, card contacts and little magazine dress snippets. I’ve made notes of when I’ve paid things and what needs to be done. At least then even as a rough record I will have tangible evidence that I yes ME fizzle head blond can and will organize her own wedding. Its not rocket science, I don’t know what has changed from before. Before I was scared of doing it, now I’m not, I’m ready and waiting for it all to come my way.

The socks are coming along with a fair bit of ripping back and knitting on and ripping back etc. Its the calf increases which will completely add to the design as well as everything else. It all changes in my mind on a regular basis. I’ve found the general rule of thumb for calf increasing in knitting knee length socks is……

one stitch increase every 3 or 4 rows. At the moment I’m doing increase round then 3 rounds. Also increasing just one stitch in to the back of the leg is almost impossible to get neat and tidy on every other increase. The pain is the extra stitch is not in between others as such, one increase is, the next has to be nestled in and hidden as a one stitch made in to two instead of a normal make on after or before a stitch. Most confusing, even to the point of making up a stitch I’ve not seen before “Purl back purl front” which sort of adds an almost even extra stitch but it will hopefully look better once washed and blocked and not so…. whats the word… wonky.

Le sigh

Finally I finished the mitts for my colleague all bar the ends being weaved in and she has requested mitten covers to make them in to mittens.. fair enough, I’ve not done that before. I’ll try it once I get a bit more knitting mojo, right now I have 4 items lurking in my knitting back never nearing completion and starting to eat away at the back of my mind saying rip me or eat me!

Oh one more minor thing, something I have to cope with on a daily basis at work. PEOPLE HANGING UP. Now phone calls are most of my day, having my phone blip once, maybe twice and hang as I pick it up is slowly driving me nutty, quite twitchy and generally almost stabby. PLEASE if you ever do call me, wait, I’ll be there, 99.9% of the time within 3 rings, I’m THAT good at keeping up with my phone. I know I have call divert between numbers which may not help but perrrrLEASE if I have to answer another hang up call again today (5 already) I’m going to hunt down that phone via the analog line, pulling all the cables out and personally use the cable to knit a new noose for the perpetrator hang them and then hang up on them.

OK rant over, sorry. Normal non foetal positions can now be resumed.



January 9, 2008

I’ve been out every lunch time with my colleague and friend Di. She’s getting married in May so we’ve visited at least 4 weddingy type shops over the past two lunch times. I have managed to get one thing and I fell in love with it. A necklace for me, to match my yet unmade dress. Pure silver with blue topaz.

my little treat

The ideas are building up, style, colour and generally what needs to be done. I am at a loss with several areas. Ive charged Scotty with the honeymoon so its one less thing for me to sort. I’m sure we can put together an itunes play list and keep it low key for music and entertainment. Still it would be nice to have something a little special, its just what. Any ideas welcome. I’m still on a budget so hiring a band is not really what I want. Firstly before caterers and any other things we need to decide who is coming. This is something I’m not sure I want to choose yet, but it has to be done and soon.

I was so wiped out yesterday evening from all the running around at work (lots of PC replacements going on) and the walks at lunch and walking home and getting the shopping on the way. I did not pick up the knitting. I feel like its getting away from me. The want to write down a pattern and complete the cable heart cascade socks is burning in the back of my mind but they are still locked in stalemate. I need to make them long even if I want them short, so I can publish a full and part pattern.

Erasmus is booked in to the vet for Friday morning and shock of all shocks his leg now appears to be healing up a bit. I’m not going to cancel now. I’d rather be safe and pay for another vets visit than worry about it. He seems happy though spending most of the evening curled next to me.