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Got to love family sundays

February 26, 2008

This post should have been written on Sunday evening. Now I can hardly remember half of what went on. Plus FAR FAR too much has happened since.

SO anyway Sunday we went off to my parents up on the coast. We had a lovely day. Took the kids all down to the sea front to play on the two pence machines with all the spare change we’d gathered from the house. I think it was over £10 but its not missed because it was all gathered change and everyone enjoyed themselves, still cheaper than buying everyone icecreams. Lunch was delicious and mum cooked up a storm for everyone. The entire clan turned up so there were 15 round the table. Thing is, this is probably the last time we do that for a while because mum has to go back to chemotherapy tomorrow. boo!

I also got back home on Sunday night in time to purchase some yarn from posh yarn. I LOVE her stuff. It is quite fabulous and I can recommend it to any knitter. She mainly does sales on Sunday nights, so get in now if there is anything left because there wont be an update next week.

Saturday I nipped to the shops and bought Gran a hyacinth. She loved it. I also found some “worlds best cat litter” which is bio degradable and flush-able! wow, it really works. I’m just trying to get our boys used to it. They are settling down well now and I think they are happy here in their new home.

Monday I got up early because I remembered I had to go to cover the Cambridge office whilst my colleague took a well earned day off for his birthday. This was something I don’t mind doing but there were quite a few issues.

1, it took me 2 hours to get there. 2, I did a LOT of work 3, by the end of the day I was exhausted and tired because I woke up far too early for me plus all the driving hurt my back and shoulders.

Because of those points I drove my little Honda jazz directly to the Honda dealers when I got back to Norwich and asked what they could do for me. I looked at a few cars, fobbed them off for a bit and asked for them to find me a better price. After going home and checking with Scotty, today I have been called back with a more suitable figure and I’ve paid a deposit on a new car. All a bit fast for me but I’d rather be comfortable with a new car than struggle with that trip to Cambridge again. I’m very very excited because now we will be getting a proper sporty Honda Civic. Not the top of the range but just enough that we can afford it. Driving comfort here we come!

So yeah, lots happening and no knitting, boo! Its not that I don’t want to, its time to do it, clean, tidy, cook, eat, look after the cats, sleep and work, organisation and bills are all getting in the way. Hopefully this weekend I can knuckle down to it and finish off a few things.

Looks like its all a bit expensive. It is, what with payments towards the wedding, the car, not having paid the vet yet for Erasmus and then yarn on top. I think I’m going to have to cut up all my plastic as soon as I get all my bills up to date 🙂 good thing I’ve got savings, although they wont last for ever its nice to spend sometimes. At least I feel like all of these things are going to make life better in the long run.


in which jiva achieves but also rants

January 17, 2008

yeah I’ve been doing stuff. I just feel that I’m updating for the sake of it or I’ve done too much and cant remember it. SO here is a sorry attempt at keeping you up to date. If you like rants skip to the last paragraph, if you dont, skip that instead.

My brothers’ birthday present and twins presents are sorted. yay!

Entertainment for our wedding is under progress. I’ve found a corsetiere in Norwich that looks great, and hopefully even though I’ve booked another appointment in London, will save me lots of extra travel and cost. I’ve started a small wedding note book. Just a pain old wire bound note book with Clare 4 Scotty written on the front. I’ve stapled and sellotaped things inside it like my dress silk, card contacts and little magazine dress snippets. I’ve made notes of when I’ve paid things and what needs to be done. At least then even as a rough record I will have tangible evidence that I yes ME fizzle head blond can and will organize her own wedding. Its not rocket science, I don’t know what has changed from before. Before I was scared of doing it, now I’m not, I’m ready and waiting for it all to come my way.

The socks are coming along with a fair bit of ripping back and knitting on and ripping back etc. Its the calf increases which will completely add to the design as well as everything else. It all changes in my mind on a regular basis. I’ve found the general rule of thumb for calf increasing in knitting knee length socks is……

one stitch increase every 3 or 4 rows. At the moment I’m doing increase round then 3 rounds. Also increasing just one stitch in to the back of the leg is almost impossible to get neat and tidy on every other increase. The pain is the extra stitch is not in between others as such, one increase is, the next has to be nestled in and hidden as a one stitch made in to two instead of a normal make on after or before a stitch. Most confusing, even to the point of making up a stitch I’ve not seen before “Purl back purl front” which sort of adds an almost even extra stitch but it will hopefully look better once washed and blocked and not so…. whats the word… wonky.

Le sigh

Finally I finished the mitts for my colleague all bar the ends being weaved in and she has requested mitten covers to make them in to mittens.. fair enough, I’ve not done that before. I’ll try it once I get a bit more knitting mojo, right now I have 4 items lurking in my knitting back never nearing completion and starting to eat away at the back of my mind saying rip me or eat me!

Oh one more minor thing, something I have to cope with on a daily basis at work. PEOPLE HANGING UP. Now phone calls are most of my day, having my phone blip once, maybe twice and hang as I pick it up is slowly driving me nutty, quite twitchy and generally almost stabby. PLEASE if you ever do call me, wait, I’ll be there, 99.9% of the time within 3 rings, I’m THAT good at keeping up with my phone. I know I have call divert between numbers which may not help but perrrrLEASE if I have to answer another hang up call again today (5 already) I’m going to hunt down that phone via the analog line, pulling all the cables out and personally use the cable to knit a new noose for the perpetrator hang them and then hang up on them.

OK rant over, sorry. Normal non foetal positions can now be resumed.



January 9, 2008

I’ve been out every lunch time with my colleague and friend Di. She’s getting married in May so we’ve visited at least 4 weddingy type shops over the past two lunch times. I have managed to get one thing and I fell in love with it. A necklace for me, to match my yet unmade dress. Pure silver with blue topaz.

my little treat

The ideas are building up, style, colour and generally what needs to be done. I am at a loss with several areas. Ive charged Scotty with the honeymoon so its one less thing for me to sort. I’m sure we can put together an itunes play list and keep it low key for music and entertainment. Still it would be nice to have something a little special, its just what. Any ideas welcome. I’m still on a budget so hiring a band is not really what I want. Firstly before caterers and any other things we need to decide who is coming. This is something I’m not sure I want to choose yet, but it has to be done and soon.

I was so wiped out yesterday evening from all the running around at work (lots of PC replacements going on) and the walks at lunch and walking home and getting the shopping on the way. I did not pick up the knitting. I feel like its getting away from me. The want to write down a pattern and complete the cable heart cascade socks is burning in the back of my mind but they are still locked in stalemate. I need to make them long even if I want them short, so I can publish a full and part pattern.

Erasmus is booked in to the vet for Friday morning and shock of all shocks his leg now appears to be healing up a bit. I’m not going to cancel now. I’d rather be safe and pay for another vets visit than worry about it. He seems happy though spending most of the evening curled next to me.



November 2, 2007

I love my office, yes I do…

especially when a few times a year they put on free booze and a party and a treasure hunt. *hic*

they are all so lovely, and I even managed to take my lunch break late and still fully join in. not easy to explain because i’ve had a few. But I’m not paid by the people I work for, or to put it easier I did not have the afternoon off to go treasure hunting. But super flexible as they have been I still managed to join in.

god damn this is tough to type. *hic*

anyhew I’ll suffer in the morning 😉 and a nice fireworks display tomorrow night with family yay! all other updates given when I’m a bit more sober. now where’s our booze.

one more thing: post your pants. You know YOU have to.

Thu Oct 25, 5:48 AM
BANGKOK (AFP) – A campaign is underway to chastise Myanmar’s military regime, not through dialogue or sanctions, but by flooding the country’s foreign embassies with women’s underwear, an activist said Thursday.

A pro-democracy group based in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai is urging people all over the world to “post, deliver or fling” their undergarments to Myanmar’s international embassies.

“The Burma military regime is not only brutal but very superstitious. They believe that contact with a woman’s panties or sarong can rob them of their power,” the Lanna Action for Burma group said on its website.

The generals who rule Myanmar, previously known as Burma, provoked international outcry in September when they violently cracked down on peaceful protesters, killing at least 13 people.

Europe and the United States led the chorus of disapproval, announcing new sanctions against the regime.

Despite the outcry and a United Nations statement deploring the crackdown and urging dialogue, the junta has shown little sign of moving any closer towards democracy or freeing opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Those behind the so-called “Panty Power” campaign hope that lingerie can succeed where international diplomacy has so far failed.

“We want to raise awareness first, and we want to target the Burmese government officials, letting them know we are against them abusing their power,” said Tomoko, an activist with Lanna Action for Burma.

Tomoko, who goes by one name only, said she had heard that Myanmar embassies in Thailand, Australia and the United States had been targeted by the Panty Power campaign, which began last week.

“We are sending (the generals) panties as a symbol of putting their power down,” she told AFP.

seen here: brenda

post to the address below

Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
2300 S Street NW, Washington D.C. 20008


relaxation its great.

September 16, 2007

I’ve slept sooooo much but I did need it. Lets start back where we left off. *rewinds*

So Thursday another long day. I had a nap in the afternoon knowing that it was all catching up and it was going to be another late night. The weather was getting hotter and the team were relaxing more because it was nearing the end of the event. I still managed 9 hours work and then went out to party. Disney opened up a small part of discovery land. We went and got food then went on buzz light year twice. I was hanging out with quite a few of the events team and the networking guys. As we did not get in to the park until nearly 9pm by 11 we were being ushered towards the exit. Next on to clubbing. Now I don’t normally go clubbing but I was informed I would have to. (show face and take part and all that) In fact it was very enjoyable. the music was super cheesy and made sure everyone from 18 to 60 would enjoy. I danced with my team until 2 am at which point I escorted a colleague back to the hotel. It took me a little while to get to sleep but I do remember looking at the clock at 2.45 and thinking damn I need to sleep now or I’m stuffed.

Up at 7am, I got down to work at 7.45 and surveyed the wreckage that was most people. Everyone attending the courses and meetings were also out the night before and because it was the last day an amazing more relaxed feel washed over the place. I checked out when I had chance and had everything ready to go. It was a long wait until I could leave at 3pm and after a last lunch at the hotel I wobbled myself through the afternoon hardly making any sense due to lack of sleep. Except I could not nap, I had no facility. Finally I said my goodbyes and parted at 3pm, the bus took a while to go to every terminal but it was lovely to see some of France. I went straight in to the airport and checked in and went to duty free. One small espresso coffee later I could cope until I left the ground. I purchased wine and chocolate for the family and wondered why I could not get a new ipod nano. They were not stocking them. Gutted.

the rest went pretty smoothly, apart from one of my bottles of wine cracking on the plane. It was in a sealed bag but still I could smell booze. the crack was hairline but it meant first thing on getting in the house was decanting it in to a plastic bottle. Got back home and Scotty came out to help me in with my suitcase. I was a mess all evening almost speaking in tongues with tiredness. I was in bed by 8.30 uk time, slept right through until 8.30 on saturday then spent all morning on the sofa drifting in and out of consciousness.

Finally I did managed to get some food shopping done Saturday afternoon and finally complete my mitts all bar the weaving in of ends. It looks like the stunning weather has followed me home so hopefully today we’ll head out in to town to get some essentials… like that nano.

This year I loved the trip so much more than last year, although I’m sure I will not be doing it next year. I hope to still be on honeymoon instead. I made some great friends and had a very educational time learning about how other people live and their international lives of mystery. One thing is straight though. I sure am glad to be home. Oh yea, one last thing: photos here! note how I gave up using the camera after clubbing and I’m so crap with names I’ve not labeled them all yet…


these guys know how to party

September 13, 2007

for acountants and advisors these people know how to throw an event. It was classy and cool and mighty impressive. Yesterday’s work was less than before because many people had to go to a large seminar in the other building. I took the time to try and get some of my personal development done.

Last night they threw a very classy party and I joined in. The champagne was real, and a good quality. Not that I would notice but others did. I’ve put up some more photos, so follow the link two posts back. I stayed up latter than I usually do and over all I know exactly when I’ve pushed it a bit too hard. There was a great DJ last night so I had a little boogie with the security team, who are a great laugh and have been lovely to be around. Today I have been helping out a bit more and had to take a nap to catch up with things. Tonight is a big party night so I hope to get more photos and have a go on a few more rides. Knitting is non existent. I don’t have any spare time and I’ve somehow got a blister that I picked off on the middle of my thumb making it impossible anyway. Overall I’m happy I’m here and made an effort to come. The hard work is worth it for all the fun I’m having and the friends I have made.


sun shiney day

September 12, 2007

This morning is busy but the weather is fine. Last night I bailed out of any activities and went and sat on the mound near the lake and knitted. I saw the family who traveled with me to Disney and they were having a great time. As it got too dark I moved to a bench under a lamp, then as it got too cold I moved to my room. The relaxing peace just made my day and I slept well. It made me realise that the beds are quite comfortable and the pillows here are good too, for a hotel. oh and yes, I’m super picky when it comes to pillows. I cant stand feather.

This afternoon I’m still hoping for some time alone so I can get my personal development work done. You know the sort of stuff where you write about yourself and say how wonderfully you do your job.

The bayerische mitts are about || that far from being completed. I have around 10 rows of thumb to complete then weave in the ends. I want to show the world but where I am now is not really suitable to show off my knitting talents. Instead I think if I do get chance I’ll crack on with a pair of socks. If only I could decide on a pattern.