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May 20, 2008

Well nowt much has happened here. I hardly left the house all weekend. I did try and start a new knitting project but the love was just not there. Most frustrating. The shopping was done big style including a new Iron, in PINK because I just knew how much I would love seeing Scotty iron with a pink iron when he’s doing his shirts for work. Its the small things that make me happy.

I also cleaned and tidied and hoovered the entire house starting at the top and working down. Well, I hoovered completely, I did not clean completely. Which reminds me I do love our little dyson Animal, its great on the stairs and really does pick up all the animal fluff and even my hair without clogging. Thats because it has not rotating brushes. I can break any hoover with rotating brushes because my hair is that strong.

Aaaaaanyway, less of the babble and on to the reason and title of this blog post. I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of music I would like at my wedding. I know scotty and I have a whole heap of stuff that will do just fine for the evening disco bop. Which also means we can put an all out ban on any Celine Dion, Madonna, Kyle, Michael Jackson, Wham and all that sort of stuff you get from a general wedding DJ. Luckily our music provision is from a friend and for a mear £200 he is covered and insured with all his equipment. All we have to do is supply a 4Gb memory stick and or any other media and he can play all our choons YAY excessive cheese banned!

The most important moments of the day are surrounded by some music. I would like those items to be particularly speical and to narrate me and Scotty as best they can. They have to be fully suitable for the occasion and suitable for the ears of the very young and very old. I do love a bit of classical but I am yet to find just the right thing, the right vibe and the positive sounds I want on my big day. The main segways of music I need to find are: my entrance (and before with background), signing time, us leaving the room, more fill music and the very essential first dance. Lets just remind you I dance one of two ways, like an idiot gurning at a rave or like my mum. Scotty is about the same but like his dad…. I can see this taking a long while to sort out and maybe even a couple of lessons.

What I have been doing is gathering free tunes. I do love a good bargain and if people are willing to put their stuff out for free I’m willing to give them a shout out and say how good I think it is. In this case I’m listing some lovely lovely choons that make me smile. I’ll try and make links available to all where possible but I found most of these via ilike on Facebook and it looks like the easiest way to get hold of these songs for yourselves.

Dreamland by Cordafonia I love the start of this track. Just plinky plonky enough and with all the promise of a beautiful sunny day. Then someone starts singing with a vocoder. BOO! still its very lovely and I’d love to find something else that cordafonia have done but they have not started up their web page yet.

Swin I like both Murder Migration and Goodness Gracious. Both free for download.

A.M. I like Othello interlude, its got a big beat but you cant beat a good indian flute. There are a couple of other tracks he has given away free which are very nice too but not for a wedding. they are “this is me dancing” Dr Cohen gets even and GrammarBack which is a great giggle for all you spelling and grammar purists out there.

monkeybacon best viewed with firefox or safari. They have a couple of tracks on their site but on ilike they have lots of free tracks. All of the tracks are great and I love thier style and sound. They seem somewhere between quantic and mr scruff. Although I think Cabin and Cocktails is my fave for now.

transocianic Both tunes that this band have produced are great fillers for signing the regester and things like that. Nice to have on in the background.

Finally there are some quite cheery tunes on Lestay

Do you know of any good tunes to add to my list? I’d like to stipulate free, because they are going to be at my wedding and I don’t want to be done for playing music I’m not entitled to!