our financial situation.

October 27, 2008

Is reasonable. We’re not skint, not rich but able to keep going with what we have.

So in order to make the best of what we have I’ve been in touch with a financial advisor to try and find the best deals out there and get us what we need, a new mortgage. The current one is for 30 years full term and we’ve only managed to cover the interest and £3000 in the past two years. Not good. Still we have alternatives and one of those is with the same supplier. Nationwide.

Oh do I hear any UK people nodding and wondering what my rant is going to be about? well it surely will be a rant and surely it will be about Nationwide. Firstly, I was called early as the rates were changing so I was asked by our adviser to call Nationwide and try and earmark the lower rate of interest. Ok, easy enough. This was Tuesday.

I called them and asked them to change our mortgage. Sorry we cant they said. You’ve got a block on your account and you’ve not been receiving mail because the address is incorrect. They have still been taking my money though.

Plus also I had to change my name on the account so Wendesday I went to the bank and changed both. Job done, or at least it should have been. I was informed it would take 24 hours to update on the system.

Thursday, I call them to change the mortgage. They said the name had been changed but not the address. Now they were claiming I had not changed it, and the postal address was still incorrect, and what was the mortgage under? a completely different address. The annoying thing is I’m not sure if it was the solicitors or Nationwide who got the address wrong but we cant change the mortgage unti this is all sorted out. By Friday we were called back by the branch and they posted out forms to sort out exactly what address they should have the mortgage under as well as our postal address which should be exactly the same.

Hopefully once they get all this back I can have a new mortgage, but because its taken the best part of two weeks I’m going to make sure its with someone else.


  1. And the reason we are in trouble financially as a country?? The Banks.

    It goes full circle whatever way you look at it, they should be made to be responsible for what they are doing to this country.

    I love how they can’t do anything when you need it but they can still take your money, typical.

  2. Don’t start me on banks. I am dealing with Lloyds via a mobile phone from Australia – can you imagine the nightmare and ineptitude? *Gnashes teeth*

  3. Oh gosh. I would not wish that on anyone. Best of luck to you!

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