who needs my space

November 5, 2008

to act like an emo kid. Not me!

Tada! a beret that fits my huge head and expanse of hair. Im happy with it. There is one huge gaping mistake but I know where it is and there was no way I was going to undo and try again. I’ve had mention that I look cute and it suits my eyes. This is enough for me to wear it until it wears out.

I’ve also started some yellow yoga socks for me. It makes it look like I’m never going to knit for anyone else but I will. I’ve just spent lunchtime with Dad and lovely though it was I have now committed to producing him a nice scarf before christmas. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I do love him though so all other needles will be placed away until I get that done because I don’t think I can knit a whole scarf in the next month and a half.

Last night our financial adviser popped over to collect papers and get them signed. I’m still a bit confused by it all.we’ve not chosen our mortgage yet because the current one we requested massively devalued our property. I understand its lost some value but not 30 grand in two years. I did a quick blip of research and proved my point.

Anyway Scotty and I have a long weekend planned with Friday and Monday off work. Thursday night we’re off to babysit so our sister in-law can have a birthday dinner without the kids. I think we’ll be seeing the rest of the family for fireworks on Saturday night.

Oits meowed like Charlie last night. Most amusing.

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  1. oooooh, fabulous colour! looks great, I’d never take it off…!

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