2 birthday parties in one day

September 22, 2008

This hopefully is the last back post prior to the wedding. I forgot to post it before the wedding post. Everything got a little confused in my drafts folder.

Thursday 22nd August:
Today I drop off the cats at their cattery for the duration of our honeymoon. The place is beautiful. With a pond that the cat gazebo looks out on to. There are wild ducks in the area and also an alpaca farm next door. Very plush indeed and they already seemed to like it before I left. I went on to my dad’s birthday party. I left Scotty at home to catch up on packing.

It was lovely to see my entire family all at mum and dads house. There was a very tasty lunch and everyone was excited with tomorrow being the big day. I remembered my fathers present and made sure I stayed long enough to chat to everyone. I left before everyone else because I had another birthday party to get to and my packing to complete. WARNING SAD MOMENT…. last thing before I left dad came out to the front door step to see me off. He confirmed my fears and said, mum would be at the wedding but there was a very high chance she would not be there when I got back. I knew this. My brother made me aware and there was nothing else to do but see through everything we intended on doing. This was one of mums last requests. I didn’t have much chance to talk to mum direct about it but it was because there was so many people around. Plus I was not entirely sure mum was able to understand the situation completely, being stuffed full of drugs and with so much going on. It was sad, I didn’t want to have my dad crying on his birthday but the things had to be said even though we all knew what was going on.

Then after getting home and sharing my worries with Scotty we headed out to a Mexican meal for his dad’s birthday. This was also great to see his entire family. Everyone around one table enjoying the meal. The normal questions passed, are you nervous, can you wait for the holiday? etc etc… Then Scotty’s mum said something that I struggled to answer. So when are you two going to try and have kids then? I felt awkward I had to say something. I did not mention that I’ve just had to come to terms with my mum passing very soon, I tried to keep it more on the fact that we were not quite married yet and give me around 5 years and we’ll see. I always expected my mum to be there when I had kids. Now this is not the case, I do have the experience of my brother and sister, still I can see that they had her help every step of the way and I wont have that. Most painful at the time but hopefully this sort of thing will ease with time.

There was little sleep because I was just too excited, and no cats in the house so it was not quite the same. We knew it was a strange night. Bags were mostly packed but we knew we were coming home again so it did not matter.

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