ok things are a little better

October 19, 2007

Erasmus is comfortable and fighting the good fight. The vets are being wonderful and have him well looked after.

He’s still without feeling in his back leg but not in pain. We went to see him and we could not be asking for better care. He was a tad spaced out but gave us both a great hug and still knew it was us and was happy to receive toys. He also wanted to play even though he struggled to get up properly. He’s not out of the woods but they want to give him another 24 hours on the medicines to see if there are any improvements. As he’s not suffering it is worth trying to fix things.

I’m off to London tomorrow, we will be kept informed, and I hope to keep my close friends and family informed via here and flickr tomorrow night.

I had a really odd day at work and struggled to keep it together. I’m amazed at how deeply I love that cat, sometimes because of the special bond I feel we have I do feel like I can call him son. Hopefully I’m still detached enough to be able to let him go if he needs to. I still respect him enough to make sure he’s not in pain or suffering.

I can see why some people can think pets are just pets, but those who have met erasmus  know he is more than that. His character pervades his being and he gives so much love.


  1. *crosses fingers*
    When you’re suffering grief and hurt and worry you find yourself thinking that others think you’re daft for feeling this way about “just a cat” but trust me I know how you feel and many others understand.

    Hope he gets better


  2. True

    As you know, I’m not a cat person, but I think Erasmus is the aceness.

  3. True about what other people thought about pets as just animals. Mum had to battle with all the “lectures”, critics etc when she had Ginger’s rear back’s lump surgerically removed by a Surgeon Vet. So she spent big bucks on a guinea pig, so what. Mum told us that if she has a choice to save an animal or a human, she would pick the human first. But in her case, she knew no other humans that needed to be saved! Besides, Ginger and I are part of the family. A life is a life to Mum. Hope Erasmus gets well in no time!

  4. Aw… he’s a real fighter. I’ve been thinking of him frequently… *hugs*

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