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October 23, 2007

Yesterday I spoke with the vets and they said at 4pm that Erasmus could come home. Now this would be fine but my boss is on holiday and the vet required that we keep him in a cage (erasmus not my boss). Damn lets start again

Erasmus needs home care for a few days. The vet requested we keep him in a cage if we cant supervise him. We cant let him get any bruises because he’s on blood thinners.

So at short notice with my boss away I had to try and arrange some time off. Luckily all my work is in hand and in a good position not to worry too much about it. Luckily I had 4 days holiday left to take before Christmas. Even more luckily I seem to have the most understanding and helpful bosses ever. So today I am home with my boy having the rest of the week off, spending as much time as possible with him out of the cage and resting.

Last night was difficult, I got a cab from work to the vets and back home again. The cabs cost £15 and the vets bill was £291 after all the extras like the cage. It was painful making Erasmus settle in a new cage but it was for his safety. He moaned for most of the evening but was quiet all night which can only be a good thing.

For the moment Erasmus has feeling in his leg because he gets annoyed when I touch it. Its still very very limp and he struggles to walk very far. Apart from this he is still insistent that he can just jump all over the sofa. He’s not eaten much at all and I’ve been shopping and even bought him fresh chicken breast, which I have no idea how to cook because Scotty and I do not eat chicken.

I’m yet to see him poo which will be the point that I will believe he is getting really well.

So yeah, a whole week on the sofa with the cat I was not sure I would ever see again. how lucky am I?

very and it was worth every penny.

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  1. Chicken is very easy to cook. Easiest way is to cut it up into chunks – since he’s ill smallish chucks would be best – and then just stir fry them without any oil, keep an eye so it doesn’t burn and let it cool before trying to feed any to him.

    So glad to hear he’s back home and you were able to get some time off – see people do understand the things you’ll do for your cat

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