children in need

November 16, 2007

its been a factor most of the week at work. We get to dress down today and each day an office team has prepared foods for elevenses and a trolley has come round with the foods for all to enjoy, and pay for. It has been a great way to make money for charity. I must admit it turned out to be team after team trying to out do each other with better and better cakes and savories.

One of my colleagues passed my desk and I waxed lyrical about one of the cakes, saying “this children in need cake is fab!” he replied “did it take many children in need to make it?” I was tempted to say 3 finely ground but left it.

I created veggie sausage rolls that even though I made over 20 all went very quickly. I used tescos veggie linconshire sausages from the freezer section in a bag and some ready rolled pastry. Lots of people commented that they were tasty and almost impossible to tell that they were veggie sausages.

Because of all this mass catering we had bangers and mash the other night and I made too much mash. Then we had steamed veg the next night with veggie Kiev’s and I purposefully made too much of that too. That meant that last night we had bubble and squeak. I think its the food of the gods, amazing for left overs and the cheesy bits make it super tasty. We nearly finished off the summer chutney with it!

I’m not too happy with the way my new socks are turning out, I branched out again on a personal pattern up the foot and I think I messed it up a bit, increasing and decreasing every round instead of every other round making a chevron that was a bit too steep. I see a frog on the horizon. Luckily its the weekend and hopefully I can bury my head in the knitting and get back to where I want to be with it. I so want more socks but I’m not a fast knitter. It took 2 weeks to make the last pair. I’d love to do it quicker, but they were a very very basic design.

Anyway back to some data entry for me at work, just picking up extra odd jobs on the side to fill up my time sheet.

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