what I should have written yesterday

May 6, 2008

Its been a great weekend. Scotty and I had Friday as holiday and due to my hay fever being rather prevalent we stayed in and watched a whole heap of old films on the TV and I knitted. The films included back to the future 3 and Bill & Teds excelent adventure. I realised both films were produced around 20 years ago, making me 8 years old at the time. That really made me feel old and rather like I was taking a day to step back a few years. Time was spent playing with the cats and all that sort of stuff like washing and cleaning. Sometimes especially when I have hay fever its just nice not to leave the house and to hide indoors.

Saturday I did my hair in curls, it was a lot easier than I expected but dropped out in to waves quite quickly. I had nothing to hold the style in my hair. This was all in aid of a hen doo for a work friend. She had a great time and I enjoyed seeing work Friends outside of work for a drink. They all moved on to “sheecargoos” and I got a cab home from the train station. I don’t enjoy heavy drinking and I also don’t enjoy clubbing in Norwich. I think I escaped well as I was informed it was the same as usual, meaning a bit grim. The bbq at the Eagle Pub was great though.

Sunday was fabulous weather. We went over to my sisters house for my nephew and brother in laws birthdays. It was great to see all the family and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We played in the garden and I helped my sister cook a little when I was fed up of itching and wanted to get inside rather than outside.

Now bank holidays are some of my favourite times. Amazingly it was very very hot yesterday, Scotty and I popped in to tescos and got a cheap printer. £40 for a canon, and its top quality. It was cheaper to buy that and print cards than to have them done by someone else. After shopping we took a small picnic to Mouse hold hill and sat out in the sun. We scattered Erasmus up on the hill so he could chase the birds and enjoy the view. I’m still missing him. I thought of his long low meows and how special he was. I must admit though when we got home I got a hug off each of our new kitties and it was like they knew he was gone and the both gave really good hugs, something it takes time to learn.

I’ve printed out a stack of invites and a stack of RSVP cards. Amazingly I’ve forgotten to place on a RSVP date on the invite card but it is on the RSVP cards. Address is on the invite cards but not the RSVP cards. I’m confused but it looks REALLY nice.

I’ve managed to knit all the way past the heel on a pair of socks without taking any photos. yes yes, bad blogger, etc. One day I will catch up. Its not likely to be any time soon.

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