June 27, 2007

rwahrwr maow ma a a a rowmr eeaaarrrh h h h

This best describes Erasmus’s meows.

He’s been following me around this evening. Tried to get in the wardrobe and I would not let him. Instead he got in the kitchen cupboard. I forgot he was in there, 3 minutes later lots of noise. He’s trying to mount the bookshelf at present.

I’m on planet indecisive at the moment. I can’t decide on anything, what to have for dinner, what to do next in knitting, what to…. I don’t know. I think the word lackluster covers it. I need some inspiration for our wedding… If I could have exactly what I wanted it would be a large party in a field. Although I’m worried I’d be disappointed with that too. *sigh*

anyone want to book it all for me, I’m still not happy about arranging any of it. Believe me I want to be married, I love my man like none other on this planet. I just don’t want to make any choices about event, time, place. If someone placed me there on the day having had everything done and arranged without me knowing about it I’d be much happier. I’ve not got anything solid to start on. Almost no ideas at all, those I do have are full of doubt.


  1. I’ve just stumbled on this and I have the answer. Just do it. Whatever your plans, wherever your wedding, whatever the weather, it’ll be a very special day. I’ve just returned from a wedding in Dublin where it absolutely pissed down all weekend but nothing spoilt the fun we had, celebrating two people, that we all loved, getting married.

    Just decide on the field thing … one of the best parties I went to was in a private field in the New Forest, it was like a mini festival. They had arranged for three marquees (one was the dance area with decks and projections , one was the bar with retro ebay-purchased bar and bales of hay to sit on and one was the kids tent with DVD and the like set up so that they didn’t get bored). Everyone camped or bought camper vans and the party went on all night. It was great!

    Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful day to remember.

  2. Thanks Pen.. I’m sure the day will come when I actually get to the registry office and sort out the paperwork, then I’ll feel like I may be getting somewhere.

  3. I agree with Pen, the only bit of it that matters is that you’ve got the right bloke. Perfect venues and flowers and cakes are not the point. It will be a tragedy if you never marry the man you love because you’re not sure whether to go with Venue A or wait and see if Venue B might be better.

    Make a list of people you want to invite. Not of people you have to invite, or people who might get in a snit if they’re not invited, or people you feel you should really invite because (whatever reason that has nothing to do with you or him). Just who you *want* to share the day.

    Then decide whether you want a registry office or church or stately home or hotel, and pick one. The issue is NOT how convenient it will be for your guests, that’s their issue to sort out. You just pick one you like that you think will work well for YOU. Then and only then do you consider how it works for other people. If your mum won’t be able to manage to get to the venue even with assistance (I assume having her there is extremely important to you) then that’s an issue. If Bob from accounts would rather it was nearer to his golf course so he can get a round in before the ceremony, that’s not an issue.

    Pick a date. The essentials are that a priest/registrar is available and that your venue is available. Auntie Flo having a dentist’s appointment that day is NOT important, she can reschedule. Your sister being due to give birth, that might prompt a rethink. The further in advance you have your specific date set, the more likely people are to be able to book time off work, rearrange appointments, etc.

    Write your decisions down and then book it. Once the date, venue, registrar and important guests are decided and booked, everything else is just fluff and can be arranged around it.

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