December 10, 2007

My sister just popped over on Saturday with her kids and husband. It was lovely, Ewan and Bethan played on the wii and Louise tried the socks on. I made her shut her eyes because hopefully they will be her Christmas socks. There is just the ribbing to complete so there will be no further update on the socks until Christmas because they are now designated as a present and therefore will not be seen before giving.

Also made some more felt on Saturday, still trying to get it right and getting annoyed with the fibers limitations. I need some other fibers and some strengthening ideas. Its all a matter of time, energy and parts. I’ve got none of those right now.

Sunday was Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary party. They have had a lot done to their new house and it looks great. It was lovely to see everyone and it will be even better over there when we can all go and sit in their new conservatory. Its there now but with no heating or flooring. The twins were there but poor little Tommy was a brave soldier but mighty ill. He had chicken pox and the slightest thing said to him meant he broke down completely. A sad sight for such a happy little chap. He pulled it together most of the time. Izzy was wonderful around him and understanding at his illness.

I started knitting a new lacy scarf. I’m not quite sure who it is for. It all depends closer to the finish time. The pattern is from VLT (Victorian lace today), the yarn is posh yarn. Eva 4ply. I only have one skein so its only one bramble leaf lace repeat with a small border. the width is around 20cm and I’ll knit until I run out. I must admit the yarn is so super soft and squishy and beautiful to work with. Half cashmere, half silk, it is to DIE for. Please get yourself over to posh yarn and go and buy some NOW. Its an order, mainly so I don’t have to buy any more, I want more, believe me. I just cant afford it.

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