these guys know how to party

September 13, 2007

for acountants and advisors these people know how to throw an event. It was classy and cool and mighty impressive. Yesterday’s work was less than before because many people had to go to a large seminar in the other building. I took the time to try and get some of my personal development done.

Last night they threw a very classy party and I joined in. The champagne was real, and a good quality. Not that I would notice but others did. I’ve put up some more photos, so follow the link two posts back. I stayed up latter than I usually do and over all I know exactly when I’ve pushed it a bit too hard. There was a great DJ last night so I had a little boogie with the security team, who are a great laugh and have been lovely to be around. Today I have been helping out a bit more and had to take a nap to catch up with things. Tonight is a big party night so I hope to get more photos and have a go on a few more rides. Knitting is non existent. I don’t have any spare time and I’ve somehow got a blister that I picked off on the middle of my thumb making it impossible anyway. Overall I’m happy I’m here and made an effort to come. The hard work is worth it for all the fun I’m having and the friends I have made.


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  1. soo, going on a business trip to party and ride rides and laugh……You are kidden me, right??? DOG! I need a job there!!! Is there any openings at happy world I can apply for?!

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